inflyte pro

As a promo platform, Inflyte has grown so quickly over the past few years with new users coming on-board daily, and new functionality being rolled out all the time. We thought it would be a good idea to stop and highlight some of the cool-stuff you can do on our platform. Stuff that if you are a DJ, tastemaker, journalist, or radio presenter will help you get the most out of your Inflyte experience.

1. Manage Your Label Subscriptions

Tempting as it may be, to accept every label invite you receive, it’s important to be selective about the labels you opt-in to, if you want to make going through your promos as efficient as possible. If you keep getting sent music that doesn’t suit your style, then simply unsubscribe from the label from your dashboard.

If it’s a promo agency sending you music that’s not quite what you are looking for, then reach out and ask them to tweak your music preferences. They’ll be more than happy to oblige. If you unsubscribe and then change your mind, you can always re-subscribe by searching for the label on your dashboard.

2. Make The Most Of The Inflyte Dashboard

We’ve had so much feedback from users about how using the Inflyte dashboard has transformed their promo workflow, compared to accessing promos just from email. You’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll save going through your promos when they are all centrally located on one convenient dashboard. There really is no faster way to work through a shed load of promos in one sitting. How it works is quite simple:

  • The most recent promos appear at the top of your dashboard
  • A green star indicates you’ve not checked the promo
  • Promos you’ve reacted to move to the bottom of the dashboard
  • You can delete promos directly off the dashboard
  • Use keyboard shortcuts N to jump to Next Promo and P to jump to previous promo

3. Don’t be Afraid of the ‘Not For Me’ Button

This button is there for a very good reason and it’s one of the best ways to help labels and promo agencies better understand your musical tastes and preferences.  If you don’t let the label know you don’t like a release, how are they supposed to know what to send you in future?

If you really want to labels to get a better handle on the type of music you want them to send you, it’s as important to tell them what you don’t like, as what you do like.  Remember: It’s only a button.

4. Not Using Dropbox? Really?

We were the first promo platform to integrate Dropbox over three years ago now. There is no method of downloading promos faster or more convenient than integrating Dropbox with your Inflyte account. The second you leave feedback on a promo, the files are automatically synced across all your Dropbox devices in the background. That’s it, you have nothing else to do. As simple as it gets.

You can even tell Dropbox which format you want to sync eg Wav, AIFF, mp3 via your Inflyte settings. Dropbox syncs from both the web-app and our mobiles apps. They still do a free version too with 2gb of storage. No brainer.

5. Is Promo Locker like a Dropbox alternative?

If you really don’t want to use Dropbox. Promo Locker, which is available in your account, is a possible alternative. Promo Locker saves all the promos you have reacted to, in a fully-searchable archive, detailing the track you favourited and your feedback. You can then download the files direct from this page – anytime.

This works in sync with the mobile apps too – so if you leave feedback via mobile, then you can go to Promo Locker and download the files when you are at your desktop.

6. Use Dashboard Search To Navigate Your Account

Your Inflyte dashboard has a super-handy search function that allows you to jump to any promo, label or promo agency that you are subscribed to. You can jump to your favourite label and see all the promos they have sent you.

7. Consider using AIFF files instead of Wav

This is not so much an Inflyte thing, as something we’re keen to promote and get DJs to start using more. Why? AIFF files are lossless files, that sound every bit as good as Wav. They are also roughly the same file size. The main advantage they do have over Wav, is that they can actually store meta-data – artwork, titles, tags – all that lovely stuff that you have to enter manually if you use Wav files.

When you download AIFF files, you just drop them into Rekordbox, Traktor, Serato and all the data is there – perfect. If you are using Wav and re-tagging all your downloads, imagine the amount of time using AIFF would save you.

8. Never Used the Mobile Apps? Here’s Why You Should…

Three years ago, when we launched the first offline mobile app for promo delivery, we built the app, not to replace promo email delivery, but to become a companion tool to get doing promos away from being a laborious desktop experience towards something a bit more enjoyable and accessible. You’ll be amazed at how listening to a brand new promo on your phone (with good headphones of course), in an environment away from your computer, can affect the emotional connection you’ll feel when hearing a great record for the first time.

We have a lot of users, who use the app as an audio player, hoping they discover something they may not necessarily have checked in their email ,on their commute, at the gym wherever. It’s also the ultimate travel companion for touring DJs, who want to do their promos at 30’000ft: simply sync offline, leave feedback, sync to Dropbox. Boom.

You can also use Bluetooth to connect to your in-car audio, Sonos, Amazon Echo and so on. Don’t forget we’ve an Alexa-enabled voice-app too: Alexa, play my Inflyte promos.”

9. Bookmark Your Favourite Labels/Promo Agencies

Every label and promo agency on Inflyte has their own unique page, where you can access all the promos they have sent you. You can then bookmark these pages, for easy access in your browser.  To save a label page bookmark, go to your Inflyte dashboard, Scroll down to your subscriptions (or search via search), click on the label you want to bookmark and then add to bookmarks.

10. Check Your Settings Menu

There’s a bunch of cool stuff available in your settings menu:

  • Integrate Dropbox
  • Link Twitter
  • Set preferred audio format
  • Add email aliases (if you have multiple accounts)
  • Deactivate auto-play
  • Opt-out of weekly digest