Interview: Adapter

The Italian region of Naples has produced some of club musics biggest names, including Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, and Luigi Madonna. Now the next generation are coming through, one of which is emerging tech house producer Adapter.

The Italian artist has graced imprints like Hot Creations and Nothing Else Matters with his music, and this month he returned to Patrick Topping’s TRICK for the release of his new 80’s tinged Night Feelings EP.

We had a chance to speak to him about the new release, as well as what he might have coming in the near future, why he thinks the Neapolitan music scene is so fruitful, and what he looks for in a potential label partnership. Get the full discussion, and listen to Night Feelings below.

You’re recently returned to Patrick Topping’s TRICK imprint for the release of your new 2-track Night Feelings EP, how would you describe this one in your own words?

A night of feelings! This release includes all my 80’s sounds. Like my first release on TRICK, but more complete and decisive.

And it’s your second time on TRICK, Patrick must have impressed you the first time around?

Patrick and I knew each other from the beginning of his career in 2014. We understand each other in terms of music and I respect him a lot! When he started the TRICK project, I immediately sent him my tracks and he liked them. There’s synergy between us!

You’ve also released music on Black Book Records, Hot Creations, Nothing Else Matters, and some other top imprints, what’s something you look for in particular when scouting for a potential label partnership?

What I’m mainly looking for is that my music is released on prestigious labels. Good promotion campaigns are super important too. During these last months, I have defined my sound a lot, I’m more focused on tech-house combined with touches of the 80’s that I think the labels are liking a lot and that is where I want to continue.

And which other labels can we expect to see you on in the coming months?

My next releases are on Catch&Release, Saved and more that I can’t announce yet. Lots of music is coming!

You’re from Naples, a region which has produced some of dance music’s most elite talents over the years, what do you think makes the Neapolitan music scene so strong?

We are a very humble people and we love music. Our strength is that we come from nothing and therefore we want to do and give a lot. We are in solidarity with everyone and we don’t ask for anything in return.

And which emerging Naples-based artist should everyone be aware of?

There are many at the moment who are making good music but to be honest I don’t like to say names.

Some of our English readers will hate this questions, but did you enjoy the Euros final?

Of course I enjoyed it, Forza Italia! With all my respect for the England team.

Thanks for chatting to us! Is there anything else you want to mention before we finish?

Yes, first of all thank you guys to have me on board and don’t forget that Night Feelings EP is out! Get your copy!

Adapter – Night Feelings EP is out now on Patrick Topping’s TRICK imprint.