Interview: Alan Fitzpatrick

British techno veteran Alan Fitzpatrick has been at the top of the genre for almost two decades, and has released his dark and unrelenting brand of club music on respected record labels such as Adam Beyer’s Drumcode, Radio Slave’s Rekids, and Patrick Topping’s Trick.

Alongside his own decked out catalogue, the past few years have also seen him build his We Are The Brave imprint into one of the go-to providers of techno in the UK, with tracks coming from producers such as Eli Brown, BEC, Josh Wink, and Gary Beck.

We spoke to Alan recently, where we got the chance to ask him all about his new ‘Truths’ single for Armada Music, what we might see from both himself and We Are The Brave in the near future, and what advice he would give to any aspiring artists who are looking to replicate his success.

Hi Alan! How are things over in Southampton for you at the moment?

All good with me thanks, patiently waiting for summer to show its face. I’m definitely looking forward to brighter evenings in the garden. Feels like it’s been raining nonstop in the UK for months!

You recently released your new single ’Truths’ on Armada Music, how would you describe the track to someone that hasn’t heard it yet?

It’s got a bit of a Four Tet vibe about it and is a great finisher for festival closing sets. It creates a real moment. The sound is probably more aligned with my 3STRANGE (pronounced ‘estrange’) releases – it’s essentially an 3STRANGE track but has some chunky Alan Fitzpatrick elements thrown in.

How does your 3STRANGE alias differ from your main project?

It’s just not the standard club music. I created 3STRANGE so I could have a bit of fun in the studio, and I much prefer writing music when I don’t have any restrictions or boundaries. The alias is basically a vehicle to push my more experimental tracks and it allows me to operate in genres where Alan Fitzpatrick music wouldn’t naturally fit. I don’t feel like I’ve got so much pressure on myself in terms of output and I’ve got a bit more creative freedom with 3STRANGE tracks.

Have you always been passionate about more progressive-leaning sounds? Or is this a new interest?

It’s always been a passion. My back catalogue speaks for itself in that respect. There’s a lot of releases and labels in there that people wouldn’t necessarily expect.

Your We Are The Brave imprint seems to be really thriving at the moment, which other names might we expect to see on there in the coming months?

People can expect releases from our resident artists. I’ve been pushing Modeā a lot on the label, he’s a genuine talent and his productions are very fresh and distinctive which is exactly what I want for the label. We’ve also got some bits coming from Joel Mull and NANCY Live.

How about your own music, which other labels might we catch Alan Fitzpatrick on soon?

I’ve got a release on a Filth On Acid compilation next month and an EP in the works with Codex, along with some other bits that I can’t really discuss at the moment.

You’ve had a massive career so far, and your label has really seen you nurture the next generation of club talents. What’s one piece of advice you often find yourself dishing out to up-and-coming names?

First and foremost, F*#K social media, don’t let those stats dishearten you. Focus on the music, not the blue ticks and algorithms. It’s important but it shouldn’t define your career. And try to have a punk attitude too; be authentic and different and don’t always follow the crowd.

And lastly, what’s something you’re really looking forward to before the end of 2023?

A bit of sunshine? Itching to get back to the festivals and Ibiza season.

Alan Fitzpatrick & 3STRANGE – Truths is out now on Armada Music.