Interview: Angioma

The now Berlin-based techno talent Angioma makes his debut on Made Of CONCRETE with a brilliant 4-track offering titled Regime Change.

Amongst the four productions we’re delightfully treated to three originals and an excellent remix from Made Of CONCRETE label boss Rebar.

Previously, Angioma has released tracks on some of technos best labels, including AnalyticTrail, Sous Music, Tronic, and his own imprint, Room Trax.

We spoke to him about the new EP, what he looks for in a potential label partnership, how he’s finding Berlin during a pandemic, and more. Get the full discussion below.

Let’s start out by talking about your recent move from Barcelona to Berlin, what brought you to make that decision?

I have been traveling to Berlin over the past few years. Since the first time I stepped in the city I knew that I needed to find a way to move here. What really brought me to Berlin is basically art and music. But also the need for a change in my life and my projects. I think this was one of the best decisions for my artist career and my personal growth.

And I guess you haven’t really got to experience Berlin in its full form due to the pandemic, what are you looking forward to most about living in a city like Berlin when COVID is gone?

I already had a few experiences in Berlin in the past. But I’m still looking forward to really enjoying the city the way it used to be before COVID. To be able to go back to clubs, concerts, art galleries, museums, restaurants and do all those things that can inspire me in life.

In the past you’ve released on labels like Sous Music, Tronic and AnalyticTrail, what kind of things do you consider when looking at a potential release with a label?

Usually I like and follow the label itself and the label owner. I also take a look at the artists that released on the label previously, and ask what marketing plans there are when an EP is accepted by the label.

And next up you’ll be releasing your Regime Change EP on made of CONCRETE, talk us through the original tracks in your own words?

When I work on an EP I always start by creating a concept around what I will produce, like a little story on where my mind is in that moment.

For the Regime Change EP, I just wanted to tell a story about a world that is changing politically, where the people need to revolt in order to gain back their rights and their freedom, which unfortunately all ends in a bloodbath. That is why I ended up with Regime Change, Mutiny and Red Sea for the title of each track.

It also includes an edit from Rebar, what was your opinion on that when it first came back?

I think it is always a pleasure and an honor to get a remix from the label owners.

Which other labels might we expect to see you on in 2021?

This year I’m releasing with Planet Rhythm, Animal Farm, Casanova Bar, Room Trax, and more, some surprises will be confirmed soon.

And how about your Room Trax imprint, what’s to come on there?

BLANKA and I are really excited with the way that the label is growing. I think we did not expect to have so many great artists such as Setaoc Mass, Kaiser, Kwartz, Yant, and many more that I would love to mention but I will leave it to you to discover what will come out this year. We are counting nine releases this year with more than twenty artists.

We plan to continue our Room Lab streaming series every Friday with many different artists. And we really hope for the opportunity to run our label events as soon as possible.

Angioma’s Regime Change EP arrives April 23rd on Made of CONCRETE.