Interview: B. Riley

American producer B. Riley has already worked with a number of well respected records labels in the past, including DTL Records, and Nicole Moudaber’s prestigious MOOD imprint.

The Florida-based artist also runs his own label in CMND CTRL, which has released works from the likes of Psyk and Pfirter, as well as his latest ‘CTRL017’ EP, which features remix work from both Deraout and Benjamin Mull.

We spoke with him to chat about the new release, who else we might see on the label in the coming months, what plans he has for his own productions, and more. Get the full discussion with B. Riley below.

Hi Brandon, how are things over in Florida at the moment?

Things here are great. Although I very much enjoy the winter holiday season, I cannot complain that we are not buried in freezing temperatures and snow right now.

You recently released your new ‘CTRL017’ EP, talk us through the original track included on this one?

Like most of my releases, I made the original track ‘In Through The Outdoor’ some time ago and it sat on the shelf for a bit. I felt this was the right time to finally put this track out and so far the response has been very positive.

And it also features two different remixes, how did you go about choosing remixers for the project?

I had a chance meeting in Stockholm with Joel Mull’s brother Benjamin and we discussed doing some sort of project for my label. After hearing some of the material he had recently been releasing with Alex Frejenholm, I offered up a remix and thankfully they accepted. With Deraout we had been speaking for quite some time and after he had me as a featured DJ guest on his Medellin Techno Podcast, I returned the favour by offering him a remix.

And what are your thoughts on the two versions you got back?

I am always happy to hear interpretations of original works whether it be my own track or someone else’s. I am usually not very fussy about my expectations because everyone’s musical tastes are different. I know each artist brings not only their own signature sound, but also appeals to a broader listening audience the release might not have had otherwise.

The release comes on your own CMND CTRL imprint, where names like Pfirter and Psyk have released. Who else might we see on the label in the coming months?

All sorts of material will be coming out on my label in 2023 (and hopefully beyond). I have a pretty aggressive release schedule planned and that is simply because so much great music has been offered to me. We have some excellent unknown artists that will be featured with well-known remixers, which I always enjoy doing because it helps give newcomers extra exposure. For more established names you can expect to hear works by artists such as Milo Raad, Joton, Oliver Rosemann, Alexander Kowalski, Gotshell, and many more.

You’ve also worked with Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD and DTL Records in the past, what plans do you have for your own music on other labels?

I have a project brewing with Chris Liebing for his CLR label that looks to be released around March of 2023, which I am very excited about. Some other great labels I am also eyeing, but time will tell where my music lands.

Is there anything else you would like to plug before we go?

Nothing to plug except to say thank you to all those reading who have been supporting the label so far.

B. Riley – CTRL017 EP is out now on CMND CTRL.