Interview: Ben Hemsely

The UK has never been a nation short of great musical artists, regardless of style or genre, it’s always been able to compete on an international level, and is consistently producing fresh talent for us to enjoy.

One of the next great British house talents could well be one Ben Hemsley, who having already released on Patrick Topping’s Trick and Solardo’s Sola, is about to debut on Ministry Of Sound, one of the most successful imprints in the history of dance music.

Through 2 You arrives later this week, so we spoke with Ben ahead of the tracks release. We got to ask him how it came together, what advice he would give to other aspiring artists, and what he misses most about being able to head to clubs.

Your next release finds you debut on Ministry Of Sound with Through 2 You, how did this one come together in the studio?

Yeah, it’s a real buzz to be on Ministry Of Sound! The tune was actually fairly simple to write. I’d just moved into an apartment, it was in the first week of living there so I didn’t have a studio set up and the acoustics were awful. I knew I couldn’t really make anything detailed, so I thought I’d just have fun and make a simple beat. I think the full track was finished in about 2 hours. The first demo anyways.

We had vocals re-recorded and had to get the radio edit perfect. I love it and it’s actually one of the favourite records I’ve done as I just think it’s a really bouncy, fun and a unique idea.

And how did it come to land on Ministry?

Ministry actually contacted me after my first release ‘Caress Me’ and signed another record, unfortunately I didn’t end up being happy with that so after I made ‘Through 2 You’, I sent it straight to them and luckily they were happy to replace it haha!

You’ve previously released on Trick, Sola and Repopulate Mars, what advice would you give to anyone that wants to get on these kinds of labels?

I guess it would just be to keep going, have fun and stay positive! Very cliché but it’s true. I think aiming to get your records played by DJ’s first is the way. After that I found labels were coming to me and asking for stuff.

And which other labels can we expect to see you on in the near future?

I’m releasing again on some of the labels I’ve already been on. I’m working on something for Arcane too which is cool because I love that label and I think lately the stuff I’ve been making will really sit well with them!

You’ve seen strong support from Patrick Topping and Lee Foss, it must give you confidence to get the nod of approval from some of house music’s elite?

The support I’ve received from DJ’s has been mad. Looking up to some of them for years and getting their approval and sometimes guidance is amazing. And the feeling of seeing an email come through saying they love it and are going to support it or seeing a video of them playing it out will never get old!

It’s been a long time since any of us have been able to get on the dancefloor, what are you missing most about clubs?

People. I miss people. I miss being with my mates. I miss my industry peers and of course the music. I miss everything!

And do you have any goals for the 2021 year?

I just want to play again!

Ben Hemsley’s Through 2 You arrives January 22nd on Ministry Of Sound.