Interview: Bodaishin

Following the labels inaugural offering from Double Touch in early March, Circle Of Life recently dropped a various artists album that brings sounds from Leon Capeta, Edu Schwartz, and Vandelor, among others.

The labels Barcelona-based Argentine owner Bodaishin has also been productive in the studio, releasing a new remix for G Monk, which arrived on Russian imprint Under Mama’s Cloud.

We spoke with Bodaishin about the new remix, why he decided to launch his own label, what else we can expect from him and how he’s been dealing with the current pandemic. Get the full discussion below.

You recently launched your own label – Circle Of Life – which has just put out its second catalogue release, why is 2021 the right time for you to start a label?

If you think about it, in any project that you want to start, there is always an excuse not to do it, the pandemic is a perfect excuse to freeze and do nothing. It helped me a lot to reorganize my projects and think about what I really want, hence this new project arises. People are now much more connected in networks, they listen to a lot of music, and I think it is an incredible moment to give people more music.

And which artists can we expect to see on the label in the coming months?

We are working to have already established artists, and to also give the opportunity to emerging artists, I would not like to give names, I want it to be a surprise. The only thing I can announce is that a beautiful EP is coming from two emerging Argentine producers that have already been through Saisons and Do Not Sit, Agnnih and Izhy will make their debut on our record label. It will have 2 remixes from VieL and Bodaishin.

Are there any plans for label parties, once the pandemic is gone of course?

Of course, we really want to organize parties under the Circle Of Life signature in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Sweden, and wherever we can.

As an artist you also just dropped a great remix for G Monk and Under Mama’s Cloud, how did you approach the remix in the studio?

To be honest, I have been working outside of the studio for two months. I think the creative process happens in unexpected places. Luckily I am now settled in Barcelona and I have access to a new and beautiful studio, where I finished finalizing details of my latest projects, including this remix, and I am also working on a super interesting EP with a colleague here in Barcelona.

What about original music, what can we expect from you in 2021?

I will release music on my record label soon for sure, and as I said before I am working on a 4 track EP which I have not yet decided where to send it. I also have 2 projects with Amadori that we have to finish. I really want to work on some project for Anjunadeep, and re-release an EP on Do Not Sit On The Furniture. Meanwhile, enjoying the process.

You’re based in Barcelona, a city with a ripe club scene, how has the city changed during the pandemic?

We currently have many restrictions. There is a curfew from 10pm and the bars close at 5pm. It’s very difficult for a DJ to live under these conditions, but I focus a lot on studying and understanding that maybe it’s time to create and put all my energy into that. Hopefully this summer we will return to normal a little.

And what are you most looking forward to about getting back into clubs?

I always say that there are 2 stages that are beautiful. One is the creative space of a studio, being able to express your feelings and find yourself. The other is to be able to share all that energy with other people, the moment where everything you created has come to light, to achieve that synergy between you and the people. In a club, on a boat, at sunset, wherever, to share that energy with people.

Efímero VA 01 is out now on Circle Of Life.