Interview: Nu Azeite

Get Physical Music’s sister imprint Cocada Music welcome the return of Nu Azeite to the label, as the pair celebrate the release of their new studio album ‘Vem Pro Mar’.

The Brazilian duo have released the bulk of their past work on the Berlin-based house label, alongside appearances on Tropical Disco Records, though this 10-track project is certainly their most impressive to date.

We caught up with them recently to chat about the message behind the new long player, their collaborative work with Maria Thalita, and their developing relationship with Cocada. Get the full discussion with Nu Azeite below.

Hey guys, we hope you’re well. How are things down in Brazil right now?

It’s winter time here now. We don’t get too much cold weather but it still feels like a time to have some hot chocolate and make beats instead of going to the beach, which is usually what we do.

You just released your new ‘Vem Pro Mar’ LP on Get Physical’s Cocada Music, what’s the message you want to send with this one?

This record has a more broad range of tracks since we did a bunch of experimentation with it. Some downtempo and chill mixed with the funky soul music we are known to make.

Two of the tracks feature Maria Thalita, how did you come to work with her?

Maria is such a talented singer and she gets the Nu Azeite vibes, it was a very easy and natural process working with her, she has that MPB vibe in her voice and her lifestyle is strongly connected to ours. We actually met her through social media and talked for a few months before sending her some ideas.

And working as a duo yourselves, what does a typical studio session look like?

It depends, some of the tracks we start in our own studios and then we finish together at some point, and other times we do it all together from the beginning. It’s always a super fun process.

Do you have any other plans for remixes of the album tracks?

We’ve already released remixes from Jkriv and Diogo Strauz, two masters of their craft. There is one more to come that we can’t really reveal yet.

You’ve released quite a lot of music with Cocada at this point, how has your relationship with those guys developed up to now?

It’s great, the one thing every artist needs when working with a label is artistic freedom and we get that with Cocada, so we are super happy to work with them. They also do a great job promoting the music.

Which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

Right now we are focused on releasing the album, then we have to figure out what’s next.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

We just hope people have the same fun listening to the album that we did making it!

Nu Azeite – Vem Pro Mar LP is out now on Cocada Music.