Interview: Calypse

Emerging Italian duo Calypse follow up releases on Nervous Records, Lapsus Music, and Flashmob Records with a new offering by way of Nhan Solo’s Superfett imprint.

Dropping their new 2-track ‘Talk About Love / Angie’ EP on the label, the pair bring an infectious, rhythmic, and vocal-tinged sound that will fit perfectly into any house-leaning DJ set.

We spoke to Calypse to ask them about the new release, how they approach a potential label partnership, and where they might be releasing next. Get the full discussion below.

You just released your new ‘Talk About Love / Angie’ EP on Superfett Records, tell us about how you made the two tracks on this one?

These two tracks were started last summer, they are the result of COVID lockdown. Music necessary to recreate something that would bring us, even if only in the studio, to the dancefloor, by creating precisely this groovy house. With some kick and bass breaks, you have to have exciting vocal house.

Both tracks include great vocal samples, where do you typically look when searching for vocals for your productions?

We usually go looking for vocals from the 70s & 80s, but also 90s, that can sit on the top of the track we have created. In the future we will certainly collaborate with professional singers to create new sounds.

Working as a duo, what’s your typical approach in the studio, do you always produce together?

We are not in the same city so we only meet physically for gigs. We use Logic Pro X and exchange roles to be able to work together, we don’t have a standard.

And how do you handle DJ sets between the two of you?

Our sets are very related to the dancefloor, we like to have fun and entertain everyone until the last second. We play a track each and always manage to stay in the same mood, we’ve never needed to plan too much before a set.

You have released music on Nervous Records, Flashmob Records, and Lapsus Music in the past, what do you look for in a potential label partnership?

When we send our demos it’s because we value the label and would very much like to release our music there. What we expect is that what we have produced is liked and therefore gets good promotion, to get it out to the best audience.

And which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

A big goal will finally come true for us in May, we will release on Circus Recordings!

Is there a ‘dream label’ that you hope to release with one day?

The label we’ve dreamed of since we started making music is definitely Defected.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, anything you would like to mention before we go?

Thanks to you! Thanks for this interview. We hope to be back and releasing music for you very soon!