Interview: Christopher Coe

Talented Irish music producer and live act Christopher Coe has been making waves in the electronic music scene since he found success with his unique live performances and innovative productions.

Now based in Australia, he has co-founded the Awesome Soundwave label alongside one of the all time greats in Carl Cox, and aims to bring massive attention to live performers.

Coe’s live shows feature an extensive setup of synthesizers, drum machines, and other instruments, which he expertly combines to create a unique and dynamic experience for his audiences. With an extensive touring schedule planned for the rest of 2023, he’s set to take his live shows to even greater heights.

Having released on notable labels such as Filth On Acid, Bush Records, and Materia, the Irish artist has established himself as a versatile and talented producer who has a keen ear for crafting rhythmic and balanced club music.

We got to interview him recently, where we managed to discuss his love for live performance, which bits of gear he’s using in his live setup, his plans for Awesome Soundwave going forward, and more. Read the full conversation with Christopher Coe below.

Hi Christopher, how’s things? What’s life like over in Australia at the moment?

Hey there! Life in Australia is like being in a bubble. A bubble of joy and great coffee! (Melbourne anyways).

You’re a keen live performer with a bunch of impressive performances under your belt, what’s one key factor to nailing a live show?

Thank you. I have been really lucky to be able to do so many shows in so many settings over the years, and lately at some of the biggest shows of my entire career (Awakenings, Wembley, Glastonbury, to boast about a few) Hmm, one key factor to nailing a show? practice practice practice!

And what are some of the most important pieces in your setup?

I see my entire setup as one instrument, each piece, whether it be the Moog DFAM or the Ableton Push, the V10 mixer or the Meris delay pedal, they are all integrated parts of the whole, each item adds texture or functionality that allows me to work on an overall output that (hopefully) is pleasing and compelling to the party goers.

You have a pretty extensive touring schedule coming up throughout the rest of 2023, which shows are you looking forward to most?

Well, I have always wanted to play Kappa Futur Festival, that looks really exciting! And I am really excited about Family Piknik in France because Tom Pooks, the promoter of the event, chose to book a load of live acts after having seen us all perform at Wembley last year. He was really inspired.

Another favourite of mine is Fabrik Madrid. It’s always fun to play in Spain and here the crowd are really so receptive! I love it there.

You co-own the Awesome Soundwave label with one of the best to ever do it, Carl Cox. Can you tell us about the label’s mission and what you might have coming in the near future?

Our mission is simple, we want to encourage electronic artists to perform live and so we only sign artists who are live electronic artists. We want to showcase new artists no one has ever heard of and also release from established artists with a track record.

This year is going to be our most extensive release schedule yet, with albums, EPs and singles coming from Marc Romboy, Stimming, Robert Babicz, An On bast, Saytek, Hannes Bieger, and many others.

What advice would you give to anyone that wants to pursue live performance but doesn’t quite know where to start?

Get a drum machine or a synth and start jamming! Incorporate it into your dj sets, don’t be afraid to fuck up! And just keep doing it. Do it live, in front of people. The best way to learn is by playing live.

In the past you’ve released music with Filth On Acid, Materia, and Bush Records, which other labels might we see you on soon?

My favourite one, Awesome Soundwave.