Interview: David Gtronic

Colombian native David Gtronic has made a substantial contribution to the European tech house scene in recent years, running the Personality Disorder imprint with Guti, and releasing his own tracks on labels such as Moan, AVOTRE, and SCI+TEC.

Next up on the now Berlin-based producers release schedule finds him drop his new 3-track Seclusion EP, which serves as a sampler for his forthcoming album project of the same name. Among the three tracks you’ll also find collaborative efforts from Charlotte Carter, Guti, and David Berrie.

We spoke with David to hear his thoughts on the new album, why he’s releasing it in smaller parts, what else he’s working on right now, and how he compares Berlin to Colombia. Get the full discussion below.

Let’s start with your recent 3-track Seclusion EP, tell us about the tracks and how the ideas came to you in the studio?

‘Seclusion’ started as a sampler package that I wanted to put together featuring a couple of collaborations I had been holding on to for a while. The pandemic gave me a lot of time to get into the studio to refine them and finally get them ready for release. It ended up turning into quite a sizeable project, which is now a full album of 18 tracks set for release later this year.

You said it’s a sampler of your larger album project, which will arrive later this summer?

This was the first teaser of the album. There will be three 12″ vinyl releases that are currently being pressed, and there will be a few more singles coming out digitally over the next few months. By early next year, the full album will be released as a complete package.

An album is one of the biggest projects an artist will come across in their careers, why was now the right time for you to drop your latest?

I had tons of tracks collected, and finally sought to put them all together to create a special package which has now turned out to be the album. I wanted to prepare it in a way that I could begin to release a number of the tracks during the summer so that they could be played by DJs instead of releasing them earlier while many parts of the world were still in lockdown.

And what made you decide to release it on the Vatos Locos imprint?

I have been managing and doing the A&R for the label for about two years now, so for me it was really important to keep the project in the family.

Alongside being a producer, you also run the Personality Disorder imprint with Guti, where you have released tracks from DJ W!LD, and Chklte, who else can we expect to see on the label in 2021?

We have a unique and special release planned that has been in the works for months now. I can’t share the news yet, but we are very close to completing the project.

And which other labels will you be releasing with yourself before the year is out?

Currently, there aren’t any other releases planned besides the album and the singles. However, across the project there is a substantial amount of tracks being released this year. This schedule has also given me the luxury of being able to write new music without any pressure to rush releases.

You’re Colombian, but now live in Berlin, what are some of the biggest differences you’ve noticed between the German and Colombian club scenes?

When I was young I relocated to Miami early, so I didn’t fully absorb the Colombian electronic music scene. However, from the experiences I’ve had I would say that Bogota is one of the cities in South America that relates to Berlin the most. The techno & minimal culture is solid, and every weekend you have all sorts of international artists coming to perform.

And who is one emerging Colombian talent that you think we should be aware of?

Tomas Station is a Colombian producer that currently lives in New York. His production style is unique and creative. He recently released an EP under his alias ‘Irie Nation – 5.1398° N, 3.3238° W’ on his new label ‘Jigit’ with Obee. I love all the tracks, and I’m genuinely looking forward to hearing more from him.

David Gtronic – Seclusion (LP Sampler) arrives June 24th on Vatos Locos.