Interview: Deas

A run of EPs for labels like Planet Rhythm, Second State and MATERIA have made techno producer Deas a go-to provider amongst the ever-growing Polish club scene.

He recently made a return to Planet Rhythm for the release of his new 4-track Huta EP, and later this month will appear once again on Marco Bailey’s MATERIA imprint with Desert Ride.

We caught up with the Polish artist to chat about new music, what else he might have coming soon, his own forthcoming vinyl label, and more. Get the full discussion below.

You just returned to Planet Rhythm for the release of your new Huta EP, what was the inspiration behind this one in the studio?

Huta is a district of Krakow city, where I live. During lockdown I have been recording many tracks as last summer I was in Nowa Huta more times than usual. Sometimes you just feel that something is a great fit. This music and white vinyl with greyscale artwork subjectively fit the project and reminds me of the summer there.

It includes 4 original tracks, will we see any remixes down the road?

I didn’t even think about it honestly haha, so I’m pretty sure it won’t be happening.

And we heard you’ll soon be back on Marco Bailey’s MATERIA imprint, tell us more about that?

I have known Marco for a few years and he is a real music lover with an open mind and supports my music. From word to word and track to track when I was sending him my music he just said “Hey Karol, lets release it!”, which was quite natural and different from the way I released my first EP, then completed music for this second one. I’m happy with the outcome because this new EP is something which I really believe in.

What about other labels? Where can we expect to see you this year?

I’m releasing music on MATERIA, Planet Rhythm and Dynamic Reflection soon. This year I will also begin my own vinyl project, I can’t reveal much more about that just yet.

What advice would you give to aspiring producers that want to release with labels like Planet Rhythm and MATERIA?

Be creative, be patient and work hard. I know it’s prosaic and sounds like commonplace, but it’s true. Everything needs time including you as an artist, you need time to develop and for your creative side to find its own way. There really are a lot of great artists around, being good is really not enough, you need to be a master, but it takes time and dedication.

I spend a few hours every day in my studio, recording, mixing or testing something and still have moments when I think everything I am doing has no value, because I always think that I can do more or should do something better. It’s maybe bitter and hard sometimes, but everything needs time.

And are there any labels on your to-do list that you hope to work with in the near future?

Yes, there are so many artists that I respect and would want to work with for sure, but I will not say because I wish to keep them a secret.

2020 was a terrible year for obvious reasons, and 2021 seems to be bringing more of the same, what do you hope to get out of the year as a producer?

Ohhh, definitely be more optimistic. We have the vaccine, we have rapid tests! The Dutch government also gave a guarantee for festivals this year. I know it’s maybe not proof of a better future but it’s certainly a spark of hope.

This year I will release a few vinyl EP’s and many new tracks, I will also launch my new label project so if nightlife returns soon, I would say that I’m completely happy. Anyway I’m waiting for the future as it has to be better very soon!

And how optimistic are you about getting back into clubs this year?

Frankly speaking, I really believe that it will be possible this year and even by around autumn time is when I hope to see things turning around. Fingers crossed!

Deas’ Huta EP is out now on Planet Rhythm.