Interview: Dimmish

We caught up with Italian house talent Dimmish once again, this time as he makes his debut on LOCUS for the release of his new 4-track Planet Zero EP.

Besides LOCUS, previous releases from Dimmish have seen him appear with labels like No Art, Solid Grooves and AVOTRE, among others.

We got to ask him about the new EP, what advice he would give to other producers that hope to see similar success in the future, and what he’s missing most about playing in clubs. Get the full discussion below.

Hi Dimmish, we hope you’re well. How have you been keeping busy during the pandemic?

Hi guys, great to speak to you again. I’m well, thank you. I’ve been spending my days in the studio working on new music. I can’t wait to be back on tour and in clubs to play the music I’ve made during this forced break.

And what are you looking forward to most about clubs?

I really miss the social side. I can’t wait to feel the connection between people inside a club with a proper sound system again, hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer.

You’ve previously released your music on labels like AVOTRE, No Art, and Solid Grooves, what advice would you give to anyone aiming to release on these kinds of labels?

All I can suggest is that you stay focused on your music, create your own style and work on your own unique sounds. It takes time of course, but I think labels appreciate the originality.

And you just released your new ‘Planet Zero’ EP on LOCUS, what can people expect from that one?

Yeah we just released the EP on LOCUS and I’m very happy about the reaction already. I spent a lot of months in the studio working on these four tracks and I’m definitely satisfied and happy with every single track and its elements at the end, which is very unusual for me!

It includes four original tracks, do you have a favourite?

I really like ‘Espresso’. I love the vibes of this one particularly and it reminds me of the wicked day I had writing this song last March, while I was getting back home from London. I was texting with my manager who was updating me about all dates being cancelled due to the coronavirus situation, however, during the train ride I started bouncing around ideas and within an hour these ideas transformed into ‘Espresso’ which more than made up for the bad news.

And besides LOCUS, which labels are you appearing on this year?

I’m working on a lot of new music and have a lot of tracks ready to be released, however, I can’t say too much on that at present unfortunately. So, for now I hope you enjoy the tracks on ‘Planet Zero’ and keep your eyes open for new music coming soon!

Dimmish’s Planet Zero EP is out now on LOCUS.