Interview: Doctor Dru

Hamburg-based house DJ, producer, and label owner Doctor Dru breaks a 3-year hiatus on his Jeudi Records imprint with the release of his brand new “Fax From Mars” EP.

Previously the label has seen appearances from names such as Innellea, Sebastien Leger, and Bambook, while Doctor Dru himself has released music on Mobilee and Diynamic, among others.

We spoke to him to chat about the new EP, why he decided to take a break with Jeudi Records, and what the future might hold for both him and the label. Get the full discussion and listen to “Room 113” below.

You just returned to your own Jeudi Records imprint for the release of your “Fax From Mars” EP, talk us through the tracks on this one?

These tracks were all drafted during the first lockdown. “Room113” was sketched just before and the piano idea was added when the world came to a stop. It was quite a cosy time in the beginning when nobody expected this will take forever to end. So like a lot of my colleagues, I was happy to spend some proper time in the studio.

I drafted a lot ideas and now I’m catching up with finishing them. These tracks represent my vibe from the first weeks of lockdown, when music kept the spirit high. Music is my anchor and keeps me grounded and lifts my mood, especially in uncertain times. The tunes are reflect my emotions.

It breaks a 3-year hiatus for the label, what was the reason for taking such an extended break?

The process of releasing is quite dynamic for me. I took my time to modulate some new ideas and develop a fresh concept for the label. Then the pandemic came and I was focused on musical projects outside of dance music, as well as my personal education.

And why was now the right time to come back?

Dancefloors are opening again around the world and there is some kind of optimistic, progressive mood in the air. “Room113” has a happy vibe and I wanted it to be danced to on a loud sound system, with the magic of a real get together. It just felt right to release it now.

In the past you’ve released music from the likes of Innellea, Bambook, and Sebastien Leger, who else might we expect to see on Jeudi in the coming months?

We are developing and signing artists at the moment. It’s exciting and I’m happy to be cooking something up for the future.

And which other labels will you be releasing with yourself?

I can’t say release dates, yet. But of course I will promote everything on my socials. Some bangers are in the pocket for sure.

Things were quite tough for DJs over the past 18 months, how did you keep yourself busy during the different periods of lockdown?

I mean, as you said it was periods. Periods of joy, periods of questioning everything, and in the end letting it go. The good thing with music is there is always something to learn. It’s such an inspiring field we are experimenting in and the possibilities are endless. Also I’ve learned a lot on a personal level about myself, why I am doing what I am doing and about the tribe that surrounds me and why.

How good did it feel to play to a crowd again after so long?

I remember the main emotion was appreciation. You really enjoy the moment, the present. I was also quite excited as you don’t have the routine and I was playing almost no tested tunes. Finally playing to a crowd again brings everything together and you are nourished by it as an artist. The production and composition process is one thing but playing your work to a crowd and being able to vibe together only makes it complete. You feel, Yes, that’s what you do and what you love.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, let’s close things out with the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Taking advice and also understanding it is quite a thing. And the best teacher in the end is life. I can just give the advice to be conscious and present. Work with people who understand you. Don’t waste time with people who don’t want to connect with you. Let it go!

Doctor Dru – Fax From Mars EP is out now on Jeudi Records.