Interview: Drhamer

A run of previous outings with records labels such as Illegal Alien, Dynamic Reflection, and Faut Section have put Drhamer’s productions in front of a keen and attentive audience.

This month saw the Italian producer mature as an artist as he released his debut artist album, ‘Black Mirror’, which lands on Adroit. It’s also the first long player the label have released, making it a major milestone for both sides.

We recently got to ask Drhamer a couple of questions, where we spoke about the new album, how he finds working with Adroit, and whether or not the project was influenced by the TV show it shares its name with. Get the full discussion with him below.

So, how are things in the life of Drhamer right now?

Due to the pandemic, the system has been blocked for some time, but I have always been at work in the studio to create new music and work on new projects, today things are going well, I’m ready to re-enter the scene, thanks also to the Adroit family.

You released your debut album this month, titled ‘Black Mirror’, what can people expect to hear on the record?

‘Black Mirror’ is a small collection produced during the pandemic period, which has now past, with mixed sounds between rhythmic drums and dark atmospheres, just a small part of what represents me, what represents ‘Drhamer’.

Was the title influenced by the TV show in any way?

You have hit the point with this question, this album, like the television series has different influences linked together by a thin thread, the different tracks, like the episodes of the famous television series, are enclosed and influenced precisely by this small artistic connection.

Alongside the six originals, it also includes two remixes from Marcal and Ricardo Garduno, how did those guys come to be on the album?

Marcal was connected to the project by the guys from Adroit, who have an interesting musical and artistic selection, you can also see it from what they have built over the years with fantastic parties and an amazing catalogue.

I met the maestro Ricardo Garduno not long ago, I had the opportunity to publish a song of mine on a VA release on his Illegal Alien label, I thought he was the right artist for this album. I’m happy to have them both on this project of mine, to add extra value and their personal point of view.

Will we see any other remixes of the album tracks in the near future?

At the moment I don’t know, or rather we leave a bit of mystery.

It comes on Adroit, how did you end up signing the record with those guys?

I have known the guys from Adroit for a few years now, I have released other music with them in the past, now we are just at the conclusion of starting a more important and more focused project. So I can say that this album is just the beginning.

And it’s actually the first album they have released, how does that make you feel?

This makes me very happy, to have been selected for the first album on the label, I’m honoured by this. I strongly believe in this label and in the work of those guys, the project is only growing and we can not help but look up.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to talk to us, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Thanks to you for the invitation, before I go I would just like to say that I am working on a lot of new, very fresh, and very strong music, so get ready.

Drhamer – Black Mirror LP is out now on Adroit.