Five Tracks: 1979

Italian born, Netherlands-based DJ and producer 1979 continues to impress us with his own brand of electronic music, as this week he made his debut on Symbiosis for the release of his new ‘Speedway’ EP, which alongside the original title track also features a remix from Mark Hoffen.

The 2-track release joins a catalogue of music which has also seen 1979 make appearances on record labels such as Kompakt, Lost & Found, and fryhide in the past, and stands out as one of his best productions to date.

He joins us for this month’s edition of our Five Tracks, where he puts focus on productions old and new, from names like Kolsch, Coloray, Dominik Eulberg, and others. Get the full list, including words from 1979, below.

Tone Depth – Red Flag
Label: fryhide

“Tone Depth’s ‘Red Flag’, released on Hosh’s fryhide, holds a significant place in my musical journey. It stands as an emblematic track, defining a captivating sound that resonates deeply with me. Among the repertoire of Tone Depth, this track stands out as one of my personal favourites. The hypnotic allure of ‘Red Flag’ has often found its way into my sets. Its mesmeric synths possess an uncanny ability to delve into the profound depths of a DJ set, guiding listeners to a trance-like state. To me, this track feels like a conduit to pure serotonin, eliciting an unparalleled response within the brain.”

Kolsch – Goldfish
Label: Kompakt

“Kölsch stands tall as one of my most profound inspirations in the realm of music production. His knack for sound selection and sampling, coupled with an unparalleled ability to craft masterpieces from minimal elements, is incredibly inspiring to me. Among his remarkable catalogue, ‘Goldfish’ shines as a true goosebump-inducing marvel. It serves as nourishment for the soul and never fails to electrify a dancefloor. This track holds a special place in my heart; its ability to captivate and invigorate is simply unparalleled.”

Dominik Eulberg & Essay – Dream Machine
Label: Traum Schalplatten

“I stumbled upon Dominik Eulberg and Essay’s ‘Dream Machine’ some time after its release, and its title perfectly encapsulates its essence for me. It feels like an expedition through the depths of the amygdala, a musical odyssey that embodies the concept of freedom. This track possesses an enchanting quality that feels nothing short of magical. One of the most captivating moments within this beautiful piece is the emergence of the flute sound during the break. It’s akin to the cherry on top, adding an extra layer of beauty and depth to an already mesmerizing composition. Experiencing it is truly believing in the sheer power of music!”

Coloray – Fantasy
Label: DGTL Records

“Coloray’s latest release, ‘Fantasy,’ immediately captivated me from the very first listen. This track, crafted by the Dutch virtuoso, possesses a potent and infectious energy. Its powerful, groovy beat coupled with a rolling bassline and exquisitely chopped vocals creates an irresistible composition. This track feels tailor-made for peak club times, promising an electrifying atmosphere on the dancefloor. While I haven’t had the chance to test it yet, I’m confident it’s poised to be an absolute hit, delivering an explosive experience to anyone who hears it.”

1979 – Speedway
Label: Symbiosis

“Allow me to introduce my latest production, ‘Speedway,’ the final gem in my selection, set to be released on the Argentinian label Symbiosis. This track has been rigorously tested in numerous DJ sets and is finely tuned for the club. Its pulsating rhythm delivers an assertive punch, especially with the bassline that sets the grooviness of the track. However, what sets it apart is the deep melodic journey that unfolds during the break – an uplifting experience like no other. I’m excited to share this creation with you, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!”