Five Tracks: Alex Dolby

The Italian club scene has never struggled to produce talent, with some of the biggest names in the history of house and techno coming out of the region over the past few decades.

One artist who hopes to join the countries esteemed list of veterans is Alex Dolby, an already well-decorated techno producer who boasts previous outings on labels such as Intacto, Disturb, and Gain Records.

Alongside an impressive catalogue of external releases, Alex also heads up his own imprint in Affekt Recordings, where he has welcomed sounds from Alex Bau, Per Grindvik, Hollden, and others in the past.

Joining us this week for our last Five Tracks feature of 2021, Alex highlights crunching synth textures from Blawan, dreamy sonic formations from Florian Kupfer, and weighty dub techno from Stef Mendesidis. Get the full five tracks, including words from Alex Dolby himself below.

Blawan – Fourth Dimensional
Label: Ternesc

My favourite artist who always does something extremely special, never ordinary as usual, what can I say, I love you.

Reeko – Dogma 03
Label: Semantica

Reeko on Semantica was one of my favourite releases in 2021, with insane grooves and pads. The slow progress in “Dogma 03” is so crazy and compelling.

Florian Kupfer – Wave90
Label: HMD Records

Pure emotions in this track and I like many of his productions because he made a perfect crossover from house to techno with timeless music.

Stef Mendesidis – Stalker
Label: Klockworks

When you want to create the perfect mood on the dance floor for when people are on fire, I always have this track ready to roll in my box. What a track!

NO! & Divide – SNRG4
Label: Evod Music

One of the labels I respect a lot, supplying pure, quality, underground music, and this track is 3:17 of total fire!

Alex Dolby – Floating is out January 31st 2022 on Affekt Recordings. Find more Five Tracks here.