Five Tracks: Amentia

Amentia are a French duo known for their mystic tracks that blend earthy percussion with synthetic textures. With backgrounds in jazz, one of the guys is a classically trained pianist, and the other a talented percussionist.

Taking their influence from the sounds of nature, and often making music centred around a strong concept or a story they want to tell. Their latest release on the Sol Selectas label is another fine example of their unique take on electronic music.

On the verge of the new releases arrival, we welcome Amentia to share their favourite leftfield, tribal heavy, house productions. Grab their choices below.

Villa-Lobos – Bachianas Brasileiras N5 (Yaguareté Rework)
Tropical Twista Records

Good balance between lightness and heaviness. The individual sounds are not necessarily super pushed, but a beautiful harmony.

Ali Kuru – Mazlum (Satori Remix)
Sol Selectas

A perfect ratio between a simple main melody for the club aspect but accompanied by refined melody lines. Punchline in set.

Variety Lab – I Can’t Help Thinking About You
Pschent Music

Pure and simple, our favourite discovery of the year.

Yussef dayes – Othello
Good Grief

Yussef is one of the best drummers lately. This track is all about the hypnotic groove.

L’indecis – Le Sud
Chillhop Records

This track is from a young French beatmaker. One really good guitar player!

Amentia’s Conquête De L’Oued EP arrives December 9th on Sol Selectas.