Five Tracks: Andres Campo

Spanish techno selector Andres Campo has done a superb job building a career around the production and playback of lean, heavy-set club weapons, with his back catalogue including labels such as Kneaded Pains, Intec, and Odd Recordings.

Alongside British club veteran Eats Everything, Andres also heads up his own label in EI8HT Records, where he has delivered music from Avision, Truncate and Drumcomplex.

Putting together this month’s edition of our Five Tracks series, Campo includes works from Autechre, Trisomie 21, John Frusciante, Aphex Twin and Skream, describing the choices in his own words he added “It’s cloudy outside, I’m locked down at home, so expect my deepest side…”

Autechre – VLetrmx
Label: Warp

I feel tiny when I listen to this. The distance is huge, and the progression and tension is just so perfect. A lot of questions about our existence come to mind when I listen to this track. It’s infinite.

Trisomie 21 – La Fête Triste
Label: Old Gold

This track has soul, and sometimes a song says much more than any letter. This is an old and sad letter without words. Very beautiful. Un Saludo Pedro.

John Frusciante – Before The Beginning
Label: Record Collection

Have you ever listened to a guitar cry? OK, so this one is reading a poem whilst it’s crying. Inspired by Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain. John has always been an artist that I love, and this is a top choice for me at the moment.

Aphex Twin – Aisarsana [102]
Label: Warp

Those birds, that piano and that mood. I feel like lying on the grass, relaxing in peace when I listen to this song. I love the ambient side of Aphex Twin. If you haven’t heard it, and like this one, also be sure to check out Untitled 3.

Skream – Perferated
Label: Tempa

I remember coming back home in a van after a proper and intense b2b session in Florida with Oliver (Skream). He asked me which of all his tracks is my favourite one, and I told him it was this one. He said he never expected that answer from me. This is a little trip from a big and lovely musical genius.

Andres Campo’s Therapy EP is available from April 6th on Tronic Music.