Five Tracks: Beth Lydi

Beth Lydi showcases a trophy cabinet of past studio productions that has seen her name on labels like Desert Hearts Records, Get Physical Music, and SNOE.

Most recently the Berlin-based Norwegian released her new One Girl Orchestra EP on Plump Records, which includes two great house originals alongside a percussive remix from Nathan Barato.

Beth handles this months edition of our Five Tracks, where she highlights music from Black Girl / White Girl, Miane, Kolombo, and Andreas Henneberg.

Le Motel – Work Your Back
Label: DistroKid

I’m always looking for interesting tracks with breaks to kind of surprise myself and the dance floor every now and then. This one immediately caught my attention. It has a very fun, wild vibe and cool energy switch-ups.

Black Girl / White Girl – Extravaganzza
Label: He She They

I have been following these two ladies for a while and have gotten to know and work with them over the last years. Such talented producers with big hearts, I just love their style. It is always energetic, unpredictable, fierce, and driving. This is a secret weapon I have for when the night gets a bit rougher. Tune! Also I am a big fan of the label as it brings a lot of attention to human rights issues such as discrimination of the LGBTQ+ community and racism. So always up for supporting them when I have the chance.

Kolombo & Andreas Henneberg – Have Been Set Into A Trance (Henneberged Edit)
Label: Flashmob Ltd

I love the idea that two producers got together to do a collab and that the result is two different takes on one track. A very fun idea, and both tracks are great. In the Henneberged Edit, it is the playful atmosphere and the quirky synths that get me every time. A track that simply puts a smile on my face, as I love quirkiness.

Seumas Norv – Make you Happy
Label: Spinnin’ Records

This track is it! The groove is so stompy and funky, and of course the vocal in this track hit me in exactly the right place. I love how it grooves and rolls but also keeps it simple and a bit understated maybe. I am a girl for grooves, as soon as that is right, there is no need for any kind of “make-up”. It is just right.

Miane – Who Are You
Label: Black Book Records

A lady I’ve been following for a while. Love her productions. The style is very tech house, but still a bit rough, and this track makes me want to shake my booty. So that is for me always a good sign. And the vocal is beautiful. I think Miane is making really good stuff, so excited to see where she will go!

Beth Lydi – One Girl Orchestra EP is out now on Plump Records.