Five Tracks: Carl Bee

Carl Bee is one of the best known DJ’s in Malta, and has also released tracks on highly respected labels such as Green and Saved Records. His sound is rich with tribal percussion that ranges from tech house to techno. Following his recent EP on Carl Cox’s label Intec we asked him to pick out his top five techno tracks of all time, and he’s put together an excellent list of timeless gems.

Paperclip People – Throw

Paperclip People is an alias of Carl Craig, and it’s tracks like this that have made him the legend he is. Despite the fact it’s 14 minutes long, the groove keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire track! Throw is definitely one of the best; if not the best crossover tracks of all time, it always fits perfectly into my sets.

Aztec Mystic, DJ Rolando – Knights of the Jaguar

It was love at first listen for this tune. I remember walking into a local club and hearing it for the first time ever. I immediately felt that this track was a special one, then some days after it was one of Sven Väth’s highlights at the Love Parade, and that made it so difficult to get hold of a copy from the local record store. However, luckily I managed after a couple of weeks, and it’s never left my record box since. Definitely, One of my all-time favourites to date!

Âme – Rej

This track influenced me in so many ways, and will stay relevant for future generations! You can play this song everywhere and still get a hands in the air response from any crowd. The synth line is so iconic plus instantly recognisable, and the building tension of the swelling pads is just incredible.

Plastikman – Spastik

You can’t have a classic techno playlist without including Plastikman’s Spastik!! Richie Hawtin has certainly left his mark on the world of electronic music, and he did some of his best work under the alias of Plastikman. This is the perfect example of less is more, and the percussive style makes it a purely timeless tune!

The Prodigy – No Good

With the loss of Keith Flint, I recently refreshed myself on what The Prodigy had done over the years. They created so many classics, but this influenced me musically throughout my childhood days. When MTV was all about the music I always remember myself waiting for this tune to be played after school. This track defies genres and with techy elements, it’s the epitome of rave music.