Five Tracks: FLUG

Barcelona-based DJ & producer Flug has become a flagship name for European techno in recent years, having put music out with top imprints like Trip Recordings, Rekids, and Soma.

He takes the reigns of Five Tracks this week, where he shares his thoughts on some of his most frequent set-inclusions, including tracks from Volster, Temudo, and Phara.

Get the full list – including words from Flug himself – below.

D.Dan – Rising
Label: Lobster Theremin

“D.Dan’s ‘Rising’ is a masterclass in dynamic techno production. The track’s pulsating bassline and intricate percussion create an intense, driving rhythm that captivates from the start. The hypnotic synth lines and subtle variations keep the energy high, making it a staple in peak-time sets but also to start a set. I love using this track to build momentum and elevate the crowd’s energy, ensuring the dancefloor stays engaged and moving.”

Linkan Ray – Slow Death
Label: Green Fetish Records

“‘Slow Death’ by Linkan Ray is a dark, but super groove which perfectly captures the essence of actual techno. The distorted kicks, and eerie chord elements create a haunting vibe that adds depth to any set. I often play this track during the groovy moments of my sets, using its relentless energy to create an immersive experience for the audience.”

Volster – Denial
Label: Out of Place

“Volster’s ‘Denial’ is a journey through textured soundscapes and relentless rhythms. The track features a compelling blend of sharp hi-hats, driving bass, and evolving synth patterns that maintain a hypnotic groove. This track is perfect for transitioning between high-energy moments, providing a seamless flow that keeps the crowd engaged while adding an element of surprise and intrigue.”

Phara – Rhythm Sticks
Label: Planet Rhythm

“”Rhythm Sticks” by Phara is a percussive powerhouse that showcases the artist’s knack for creating infectious grooves. The track’s intricate drum patterns and pulsating bassline drive the rhythm forward, while the subtle synth layers add a hypnotic touch. I enjoy incorporating this track into my sets to highlight my love for complex rhythms and to keep the dance floor moving with its relentless energy. Somehow, this track reminds me of Plastikman’s “Spastik,” but it’s a more aggressive version.”

Temudo – The Ecosystem Track
Label: Hayes

“Temudo’s ‘The Ecosystem Track’ is a deep, atmospheric piece that combines subtle textures with a driving beat. The minimalist approach, with its carefully crafted sound design and nuanced details, creates a captivating listening experience. This track is ideal for the early hours of a set, setting a moody and introspective tone that gradually builds anticipation and draws the crowd into the sonic journey.”