Five Tracks: Fouk

One of Europe’s most exciting house duos makes a contribution to our Five Tracks series this month, as Dutch pair Fouk share infectious club sounds from names like Jason Hodges, Cody Currie, and Tiptoes.

Get the full list – including words from Fouk themselves – below.

Tiptoes – Hi On Ya Luv
Label: Snatch! Records

“We’ve been playing Tiptoes’ tracks for a couple of years and they’re always such fun to play and work like a charm. Such as in ‘Hi On Ya Luv’, together with the “On Ya Luv” vocal bits, there’s a bouncy effectiveness to the groove that is super catchy without it being too flashy.”

East Coast Love Affair ft. United Spiritual Singers – A Minute Too Late
Label: Athens Of The North

“We always love a good hands in the air disco song and this is such a gem. It came out in 2022, great vocals from United Spiritual Singers. There’s also an amazing, more minimalistic disco mix by Tom Noble. You should check this release out if you haven’t already (and the whole Athens Of The North catalog, while you’re at it).”

Cody Currie ft. Cor.Ece – Hot Water
Label: Razor-n-Tape

“Cody Currie’s ‘Hot Water’ is from his latest EP on Razor-n-Tape and he has been on fire lately! The same can be said for Cor.Ece, who has just released his album ‘Been Here Before’ with Bad Colours. ‘Hot Water’ is everything we like in a US style house track, bouncy bassline, and a great looping chord progression. Top that with Cor.Ece’s vocals, this one is a main stay in our bag.”

No Hype DJs – Move Da Party
Label: Theory Of Swing Records

“From No Hype Dj’s – Toolz Vol.1 on St. David’s Theory Of Swing Records, a great 90’s sounding house track which is a blast to play! No Hype DJ’s consists of Wildbox and St. David himself. ‘Move Da Party’ instantly grabs us with that infectious bassline, adds some quirkiness with the lead and the vocal samples (we keep hearing “Move That Body” though instead of the title).”

Jason Hodges ft. Emerson Alexander – Valentino (Hodges’ Dubtool)
Label: Refuge Recordings

“‘Valentino’ came out this year on Refuge Recordings together with a couple of versions of the track. We’ve always loved the tougher Hodges’ Dubtools Jason Hodges makes (check out his dubtool of ‘Opus’ together with Joey Coco). While the original is a superbly tasty vocal house track, the amount of bass face oomph the dubtool gives hits the right spot for a tougher house feel on the floor.”

Fouk – Mirage EP is out April 19th on Heist Recordings.