Five Tracks: Lupe

A key figure in Dutch nightlife, Lupe carries out a mission of unity through his music and parties. Based in Amsterdam, Lupe’s sound draws inspiration from acid house and disco as well as the key values that the electronic music scene is built around: peace, tolerance and respect.

A monthly resident at Amsterdam’s globally-renowned Red Light Radio, Lupe also helms the Parish Gaynight parties at PiP Den Haag, an LGBT-friendly night that’s attracted guests of the calibre of San Proper, William Djoko and Daan Groenveld.

Of course, it’s not simply DJ and promotion exploits for which Lupe is well known. A multi-faceted producer, his works have been supported by a wide range of artists including Derrick Carter, Heidi, Marcel Dettmann, Alan Fitzpatrick, Soul Clap and more.

Most recently, his inaugural release for Alinka & Shaun J Wright’s Twirl have been remixed by Spencer Parker while his return to the label saw LA-4A jump on board for remix duty. It’s the latter release that drew us to Lupe recently, so we decided to get in touch with the main man for a quick chat regarding his home city’s legendary LGBT parties and the tracks that defined his time in each.

Paperclip People – Throw

The Wednesday Hard gay night at Roxy was a party I visited often. I remember hearing this for the first time when it released in 1994… yes it did change my world!

Its simplicity is an ultimate example for a less-is-more approach for music producing and influenced my own tracks. I love the length, I have a thing for lengthy tracks. I love the vocal starting at around 9:20 minutes and deciphered it all throughout the years: ”if your man is the epitome of love… if your man is the epitome of devotion.., cause if he is ain’t”… etc.

The Jamie 3:26 recent “Hit It Quit It” take on the same bassline from Loleatta’s Hit’n run with the acapella from the same song, was the coolest reference that Loleatta ever got for being so sampled so much. Woman deserved so much more credit.

So the very next day on Thursday I went to Outland Records to phonetically describe and beatbox the track.. I had to have it. The salesman immediately knew which track I was imitating with my voice! They only had 2 vinyl copies on special import so after they speculated about selling me one… I got one! Thanx Outland Edgar and crew! It became my go-to track to ask the DJ for my gogo dancing… but that’s another story!

Aphrohead – In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke’s 312 Mix)

The It club expanded their name and style also with these great mix CDs by DJs Marcello and Jean, especially the first 3 ones I love. These went mainstream in every Dutch record store!

So that was a great impulse for house music in the Netherlands. New York house was extremely influential also in Amsterdam clubs like Havana, COC, the first Wasteland parties. But this one was so interesting for its techno character in the middle of house sets. Such a great dancing and vogue ball-friendly track: that kick drum, the groove of the delay is heavenly. The sense of drama and these kind of alarms going off… Very smart to add such a cinematic effect, like watching a movie. Thanks Dave Clarke!

The Bucketheads – The Bomb

This club deserves sooooooo much more credit! It has gathered tons of money for LGBT-related good causes and started in 1985 and is still going strong!
The name is old-Dutch for c**t too!

I heard this one there for the first time too: a huge wtf-moment of getting teased for so long by the introduction of beats before the melody kicks in finally.

Me and a friend Wessel I had just met were so entertained by its audacity, I think it is one of the reasons we are still close friends today!

Spellbound – OCCII

Spellbound is party that has also been going on for at least 15 years in the south of Amsterdam, located in the OCCII.

I started going there around 2004 in the electroclash era and this song was one of the very first I heard there, a cover of Vanessa Paradis Joe Le Taxi. The music there is a great and timeless mix of electro, acid, detroit and techno.

It is one of those good community-minded parties with a low price entrance of around 10 euro’s and deserves praise for their value and longevity!

I also worked together with them on the parties Galore which we did together in the Sugar Factory with international guest deejays like Tama Sumo and Prosumer.

Divine – Shoot Your Shot

This party party still exists! It is the daughter of Italo Elite, the party I did for years with Maxime Duvall, San Proper and Tom Trago. So proud that Maxime s still going so well!

I went in a house-and techno direction with my new music productions and parties, so as Maxime Duvall is a 100% Italo star we went our separate ways.

She also releases neo-italo records on Bordello A Parigi and will now soon release one with Hard Ton, a sexy phone call themed record! This one gets played often at the end. Divine, Sylvester and Grace Jones, the 3 biggest gay icons all performed in the another legendary club in Amsterdam: DOK