Five Tracks: M-High

Dutch selector and PIV affiliate M-High has been on an impressive run of form over the past couple of years, putting his house-focused dancefloor-ready sound on record labels like K7, Rutilance, and Locus.

His most recent sonic offering arrived at the beginning of June, as he brought his ‘The Answer’ EP to Fabe’s respected Salty Nuts imprint, a label which has previously seen appearances from Diego Krause and Alexis Cabrera.

He joins us this week for his contribution to our Five Tracks series, which see’s him highlight refined club productions from Guti, Liquid Earth, No Results Found, and others. You can find the full list, including words from M-High himself, below.

Liquid Earth – 2 Tha Dancefloor
Label: Butter Side Up

“We start off the list with an amazing release by the Butter Side Up label. I’m still not sure if I like this more, or one of the other tracks off the EP called ‘Rim City’. Either way, both tracks are very unique in their own way, but still keep a steady groove because of the genius basslines. Liquid Earth really only puts out bangers and I love to play his music in my sets, they always make a special moment on the dancefloor.”

L.P. Rhythm – Upside Your Head (LockLead’s Sweaty Workout Remix)
Label: Key Records

“LockLead has once again proven himself as a very original producer when you look into his approach to this track, because if I’m not mistaken, he redid the vocals from the original with his own voice. Paying respect to the original, but also adding his own ghetto house flavour to the track. Lock really has his own sound and I feel like he really knows how to make good hooks and approaches music production in a different way compared to most producers nowadays. Played this one many many times!”

No Results Found – Red Or Blue Eccy?
Label: No Results Found

“Oh man! The bassface I pulled when I heard this one for the first time. To be fair the YouTube algorhythm served me this track, and boy I’m happy it did. Filthy basslines and a great club arrangement. There aren’t many occasions where I would play this, but the times I did, it went completely off.”

Guti – Beautiful
Label: SiO

“This track is a little bit older, but I just had to include it. Usually I’m not a big fan of these more deep bassline tracks, but this one hits different. It just reminds me of the best afterparties in Australia and Thailand during my tour last December. At first I was super confused when Joey Daniel sent me this track, I was surprised by how the vocals were mixed into the track. But when I heard the track on a big system, I knew it, this track is a HUGE moodsetter and I’ll be playing this one at every afterparty for the next few years. What a tune.”

M-High – The Answer
Label: Salty Nuts

“Of course, last but not least, I just had to include this one. This track really marked the era for me as an artist where I’m going to start playing and releasing the music I love the most. This track really portraits what I want to stand for as an artist, 90’s sound, lots of energy, and good vibes.”

M-High – The Answer EP is out now on Salty Nuts.