Five Tracks: Neverdogs

Italian electronic two-piece Neverdogs have put music out on record labels such as Tamango Records, Mindshake Records, and Snatch!, alongside their very own Bamboleo imprint.

Sharing some of their favourite productions, the pair shine a light on music from the likes of Thomas Bangalter, Loco Dice, and Kool And The Gang. Get the full list, including words from Neverdogs themselves below.

Thomas Bangalter – Club Soda
Label: Roule Records

“A track from one-half of the iconic electronic duo Daft Punk, a specific and unique French sound, sounds distorted and has a unique compression; it starts with someone opening a soda can.”

BarBQ – Barbi in Love
Label: Buzzing Fly

“We were in Ibiza; I think it was 2008 or 2009; Sven Vath was playing at the daytime Cocoon closing party after a marathon of many and many hours, and I heard this magical track. I asked a friend of mine to ask Sven the record’s title.”

Kool And The Gang – Get Down On It
Label: Delite Records

“I was 11 or 12 years old and listening to a tape my uncle made for me (DJ Freddy). I was on my bicycle close to my house, and I remember that this song opened my eyes to how to connect myself to the world and my future.”

Loco Dice – Carthago
Label: Cocoon

“It reminds us of the very first approach to the island at DC-10; at that time, Loco Dice was smashing the dancefloor with this track.”

Different Gear vs Sia – Drink To Get Drunk
Label: Incredible

“At that time, we were living in Rimini, Italy, and this track marked a moment in our memories when we were at the Disco Piu record shop. These producers were very fun guys.”