Five Tracks: Nick Morgan

Canadian-born, now Greece-based DJ and producer Nick Morgan has made quite the name for himself on the Eastern club landscape, through a run of releases for record labels such as Saved Records, Glasgow Underground, and Calamar Records.

He’s also been gathering strong attention to a string of bootleg edits, which he’s put out via his own SoundCloud page – with names like Sampha, Rosalia, and Abra getting the remix treatment from him.

Joining us this week for our latest on Five Tracks, Nick shines a light on classic releases from some of the industries best, including Point G, Floorplan, and Gruuve. Get the full list of tracks, alongside words from Nick Morgan himself, below.

The Cyclist – Pressing Matters (Robag’s Pinvoldex Sulll NB)
Label: Hypercolour

“I’m a big fan of Robag’s work and sound. He has such a clean hi-fi sound to his drums and uses almost off key melodies and sounds that don’t seem like they should go together, but work so well. It goes to so many places and keeps things interesting. I often find a place in my extended sets for this one.”

Point G – Balea
Label: Point G

“I love Gregory’s productions, and this track has all the elements. Great rolling drums and great sound selection that carry it for the whole track. Often people come and take a look at the CDJ when this track is playing. This one has made it into my sets many many times.”

BenoMorph – B4 I Die
Label: CloudCore

“This is another one that I see a lot of people getting on the Shazam when I play it. I also made an edit of this one that I find plays out a bit better for me as the drums drift a bit. The vocal sample is pretty relevant right now with this kind of 90’s sound you hear everywhere.”

Gruuve – Long Way Home
Label: MUUV

“I love this track’s groove a lot and I find myself putting it near the end of my sets. I usually play an edit of it which I made that moves it along a bit faster. People never expect the bass that enters in and makes for a good surprise for people and gets them moving on the last stretch before the close.”

Floorplan – Never Grow Old
Label: M-Plant

“This is one which always works and picks things up for whenever you need to turn things up a notch. Something about that Gospel style vocal and hook that gets people going. I like to drop this one to change up the mood sometimes and move into some more upbeat stuff and change the direction.”