Five Tracks: Nu Jamz

One of Belfast’s most talented and equally underrated selectors handles our latest on Five Tracks this week, as Nu Jamz highlights some of his favourite deep house, acid, and disco cuts.

Having been a long time resident for Belfast Underground Records and Thompsons Garage, as well as playing regular slots for promotions like Jika Jika!, AVA, and Shine, his work more than speaks for itself.

The Irish talent is also aiming to add studio releases to his arsenal in the near future, which could potentially put him in the mix with some of the island’s most exciting artists overall.

His choices for this months edition of Five Tracks shines a light on titles from Boobjazz, Donald’s House, Ron Basejam, and others. Get the full list, including words from Nu Jamz, below.

Ron Basejam – Raise
Label: Futureboogie Recordings

“With a low slung but hard hitting bassline full of funk, a catchy vocal, and a bubbly acid undertone, this is one of the tracks that can really help kick start the floor, tried and tested, it’s been a staple track in my sets since it was released on the amazing Futureboogie Recordings in mid 2018.”

Donald’s House – The Isthmus of Kra
Label: Touching From a Distance

“These two brothers from Melbourne have been making some lovely stuff for the past couple of years. This one ticks all the right boxes for me with it’s classic acid but deep and driving groove that would sound good and proper through any club system worth it’s salt. Ex Ostgut Ton manager Nick Hóppner signed the full EP so I knew it would be great before I listened and it exceeded expectations.”

Felipé Gordon – For Martha – (Kai Alcé NDATL Club Mix)
Label: Clone Royal Oak

“Felipé Gordon can do no wrong and I’ve been playing most of his releases regularly over the past year or so. This is his second release on Clone Royal Oak and with the ever reliable Kai Alcé knocking out two tasty remixes here to compliment the originals jazz influence, it was always going to be a winner, highly recommended!”

Aiden Francis – Future Proof
Label: Duality Trax

“A great producer from Manchester delivering the fifth release on Holly Lester’s label. I’ve been loving this and some of this new school psychdellic but nostaglic, euphoric, futuristic, progressive style, let’s call it microdose house! When it’s done well like this, you can enjoy this in the car but it would equally still make any dancefloor move.”

Boobjazz – Free Your Soul
Label: STIR15 Recordings

“This is a firm favourite from my record collection, I paid about £25 on Discogs 10 years ago and it was well worth it. Soulful deep house from 1999, released by a label based in Frankfurt, Germany. I had a one deck listening session recently with two friends going through a ton of records, no mixing, very theraputic and this A1 side always stands out, it sounds great in the club too, beautiful and timeless!”

Catch Nu Jamz at Thompsons Garage on April 1st for Stereo Sessions.