Five Tracks: Risa Taniguchi

Tokyo has always been a blossoming hub for club primed techno music, albeit in a completely underground and somewhat local sense.

One artist who has been pushing the Japanese capital to a wider international audience is Risa Taniguchi, a DJ and producer that has seen music come out on Second State, Suara, Polymath and Clash Lion.

This week Taniguchi releases her new ‘Perfect Girl’ original on Dense & Pika’s Kneaded Pains as the label bring their new KPAINS 2 VA. Other artists on the 12-track album are Raito, KUSP and Martin Books.

We got in touch with Risa to ask her to put together five tracks that she thinks you can’t miss out on, including Martixxman, Plastikman, Industrialyzer and more.

Matrixxman – Simulation
Label: Ultramajic

I have loved his productions for a long time, back when he was releasing on Grizzly, Ultramajic and UTTU. Now he represents Dekmantel and produces amazing minimal techno tracks, but I still love both sounds. This track is one of his old ones from Ultramajic, and I was inspired so much by it. Simple composition but each drum part is synthesized really well. The rhythm and snare makes this track get stuck in my mind, and it has done for years!

Industrialyzer – Moonstone
Label: Second State

I have no doubt already mentioned this song a few times in media, but it is one of my top tracks from 2019. I first discovered it when I was playing the Second State showcase at Watergate and he dropped it in his live set. The syncopation the clap and drums create really hit my heart. The continuous high-pitched noise that hits your ears from the start of the track adds this spooky atmosphere which I love.

Plastikman – Spastik
Label: NovaMute

Such an amazing track and a classic in my mind. I have been playing this ever since I started to learn how to DJ and I never get bored of it. The triplet sequence was always something I found very influential when I started my career.

Keith Carnal – Rolls
Label: Second Degree

I am a huge fan of Keith’s tracks, and this is my favourite by far. Not only the snare riff but also its unique bass sequencing makes it a one and only kinda track. I always play this song when I want to add a breath of fresh air to the dancefloor and it always works.

Johannes Heil & Len Faki – Happy 808
Label: Figure

Great tune from 2014! I have learned a lot from Len Faki’s productions over the years and this one is something special. That ‘happy’ 808 consists of simple rhythm and sounds but the signature clap gives the dancefloor a sense of unity, which I really enjoy.

Risa Taniguchi’s ‘Perfect Girl’ is out now on Kneaded Pains.