Five Tracks: Roel Salemink

Roel Salemink is a Dutch techno maestro whose career started with a bang when his first ever release charted No.1 on Beatport. Years later he has built up an impressive back catalogue that includes labels such as Filth on Acid, Gynoid Audio and Bush Records.

One of the labels to regularly feature his music is Carl Cox’s Intec, which just happens to be the imprint where he will soon be dropping his debut solo album. In celebration of that release, we asked Roel to list five tracks that played a big part in influencing his album, which is due to hit stores on the September 27th.

Laurent Garnier – Coloured City

Coloured City by Laurent Garnier is one of my favourite dance tracks of all time. I love the simplicity of the backing track, and how it combines really well with the cool vocal that gives it such a unique personality. When I first heard this many years ago I was really impressed with its quirky sound, and many years later I still play this record quite a lot.

Johannes Heil – Transition Six

I’m a big fan of Johannes Heil ever since I was very young and first getting into techno. Transition Six is a track I currently play in almost all my sets, because I love the combination of the two main sounds, and how the vibe of the track changes giving it two themes in the different sections! It works perfect for me.

Luke Slater – Love

I bought this one on vinyl years ago. The track has some seriously strange beats and contrasting sound design. I love the combination of the pad and vocals which have such a warm and soothing sound that contrasts nicely with the high energy percussion rhythms. They have just released some remixes of this, but for me nothing can ever beat the original version.

Geatek – Untitled

This is an amazing EP by Geatek (Geatano Parisio) that was released on Billy Nasty’s label Tortured. It has a perfect groove that keeps on going with some small elements that are changing constantly. I struggled to choose a favourite track from this one so I’ve decided to go with track 1, but really it’s the complete EP for me.

Bjorn Svin – Mand Over Bord

This one I think was released on Michel de Hey’s label EC Records at the beginning of 2000. When Michel played it I instantly fell in love with this one, as the drums in it are really cool. The main sound is also something that can really make a crowd go crazy, after all those years I still use it to shake things up on the dance floor.

Roel Salemink’s X818 LP will arrive September 27th on Intec Digital.