Five Tracks: Ron Flatter

Berlin-based DJ & producer Ron Flatter has been at the forefront of the German club scene for many years, putting his deep, melodic house sound on record labels like Traum, Pour La Vie, and Ritter Butze Records.

As a selector he’s played almost every major European club you can think of, from Kater Blau and Renate, to Harry Klein and Bilabo’s Guggenheim. Regularly topping line ups and supporting the industry’s elite.

His contribution to our Five Tracks series brings a hybrid collection of both progressive and deep club tracks, including titles from Tom Demac, Sascha Funke, and Paul Kalkbrenner. Get the full list, including words from Ron Flatter below.

Roisin Murphy – Unputdownable (Tom Demac Remix)
Label: Play It Again Sam

“Tom Demac’s remix of this Roisin Murphy track grabs me again and again, no matter how much time there is in between. The track causes an explosion of feelings in me that I can’t even describe. It makes my heart beat faster on the dancefloor every time, and it radiates a real energy of happiness. I would have loved to have produced it too.”

Sascha Funke – Mango
Label: BPitch

“Sascha has produced and created a timeless track here that I adore. It took me on a journey today, just like it does every time I listen to it. There’s so much emotion in it, even though it’s not that elaborate, but it’s always the idea that makes the difference. One of my all time hits that I use again and again.”

Maxime Dangles – Manyflexy
Label: Scandium Records

“The track Manyflexy has accompanied me throughout the years of my journey and I still play it regularly today. It has something timeless about it and has torn up many a club or festival with me. There’s an energy in it that instantly spreads to the crowd. Just give it a try and I promise you will know what I mean.”

Paul Kalkbrenner – Dockyards
Label: BPitch

“I can’t do a list of top tracks without Paul, as he’s my main idol when it comes to magical moments. I’ve known his music for well over 20 years now and I still can’t get rid of it. The track Dockyards has been playing on a continuous loop for days or almost weeks and now I’m listening to it again. It’s definitely one of my motivators. Hats off to Paul!”

Lyke – Emerald
Label: Armada Electronic Elements

“For me, Lyke is an artist who has drilled his way into my musical taste with his unique style. Emerald combines great synth structures with classical elements and vocals. If you don’t want to listen to monotonous techno or melodic techno, this is my recommendation, and I promise you won’t regret it.”