Berlin-based DJ and producer Superlover can boast previous releases with Suara, Mother and Kittball, and as a DJ he’s constantly jetting around the world to play some of the most exciting dancefloors there is.

This months Five Tracks looks to the German artist for his house leaning club picks, including titles from Riva Starr, Nick Rockwell, Mark Broom, Simion and himself. Find the full list below.

Superlover, Simion – Funky People

A highlight in my sets for the past two months. These freaky vocals on top of a classic Italo disco bass line drive the crowd really hard and once the funky Clavinet line kicks in there is total escalation on the dance floor.

Sophie Lloyd, Dames Brown – Calling Out (Riva Starr Warehouse Remix)

Shit, can you go wrong with a Riva Starr tune? Hell no! When Soul meets grimy Warehouse beats. An instant classic that smashes absolutely every floor to pieces!

Nick Rockwell – Work That Shit

Tell me where I have heard those famous house chords before! So classic they will work every crowd 100%. There has not one single set being played by me recently, where I haven´t dropped this tune. Probably also the track with the hardest and deepest hitting kick drum around.

Superlover – Piano Pump

If it would not destroy every f***ín floor this tune would not be in this list. A stupidly simple disco-electro bass line mashed up with an ear-wormesque piano line sure to stick in your head for the rest of the season. A piano banger galore!

Mark Broom – Break 97

Fast & furious this tune blasts the floor with raw energy and a dark and sexy 909 oldschool vibe. Immediately made it into my must-play gems of the season!