Genki Instruments are crowdfunding for a wearable MIDI ring

Icelandic music-tech start up Genki Instruments are currently crowdfunding for the development of their new wearable MIDI controller – Wave.

The device is a wearable ring that in theory should have the ability to be mapped to any MIDI controlled parameter via Bluetooth. It will also be usable in partnership with a modular setup via Genki’s Wavefront eurorack module.

The companies Indiegogo campaign is already a success, having raised $35,000 of their $30,000 budget, with a total of 245 backers.

Pricing for the device started at $99 via an early-bird Indiegogo option, but has since sold out since it was limited to 100 backers, the next tier makes Wave available at $129, but you need to be quick as it’s only available to 200 backers. Retail pricing is expected to be around $200.

With tech-giants such as Apple and Samsung fighting over dominance in the wearables market, it was only a matter of time before creative engineers took the technology toward live performance.

You can get more information and support Genki Instruments campaign HERE.