Google are developing AI capable synthesisers

Google research team Magenta Project have teamed up with the Google Creative Lab to experiment with machine learning and neural networks and how they could be used to further the creation and performance of art and music. The result is a synthesiser called NSynth Super.

The synth features four knobs, one in each corner, and an X/Y touchpad in the centre of the device each knob has the ability to swap between four different source sounds, with 16 in total, the X/Y touchpad is then used to combine the sources to create completely new sounds. Magenta say over 100,000 new sound combinations are possible from the 16 source sounds.

The NSynth Super can be synced to any MIDI device, such as a DAW, a hardware sequencer or a MIDI keyboard. The device will not be commercially available but Magenta have released all the technology and design as an open source project on GitHub, meaning anyone with a bit of technical knowledge and the ability to manufacturer the parts will be able to get hands on with their very own NSynth Super.

See below for the NSynth Super in action, as well as words from the Magenta team.