Inflyte Radar: Ale De Tuglie

Ale De Tuglie is still in the infancy of his career as a DJ and producer, yet he’s already become a resident for Marco Carola’s renowned Music On party, and has released his productions with well respected record labels such as CUFF and ViVa LIMITED.

The Italian artist has shared the DJ booth alongside industry veterans like Danny Tenaglia and Dubfire, and he has began 2023 with big intentions to continue his impressive run of form.

We spoke to him recently to find out how he became part of the Music On team, which labels he might be working with in the coming months, and what he hopes 2023 has in store for him. Read the full discussion with Ale De Tuglie below.

Hi Ale, I hope you’re well. How has 2023 been for you so far?

Hi guys, everything is great. Thank you for the interview. 2023 has started well, I am focused on my goals and I want to complete them.

Did you get up to anything special over Christmas and New Year?

I spent Christmas with my family. On New Year’s Eve I started the year by DJing. On December 30th at Pacha in Barcelona (super party!), and on January 1st at Amnesia in Milan. What’s more, it was also our first time there, and going there for the first time to play music made me so happy.

Despite still being an emerging talent on the international DJ scene, you’re a resident for the renowned Music On. How did you come to be a part of the Music On team?

I have always attended Music On parties. When I had a chance to go there or even when Marco was playing as a guest at the events, I would go and listen to them. But my relationship was born by chance. I met the team and a good friendship was born right away, and slowly I got a chance to be known on the artistic side as well, and that led to a chance which has led me to my current position today.

And it’s of course known as being one of the world’s best parties for house and techno. What do you think makes their events so special?

I think the backbone of Music On is the music. Marco is a professional and as far as I am concerned it is always a pleasure and a lesson to hear him. The line-up choices also fully reflect and respect the party. They all perform as DJs of a certain caliber and with culture and experience. As well as, certainly, the locations and all the surroundings that never go unnoticed. All these factors together create an atmosphere of celebration and smiles.

What’s one of the most memorable moments you’ve had in the DJ booth so far?

In the past year my career has completely changed. I have performed on very important stages and it would be difficult to say one particular moment. Every venue, every party has marked me and taught me something. So, to this day I couldn’t answer that. I have so many memorable moments and I can’t tell you which one more and which one less.

You’ve already released music on CUFF, ViVA Limited, and Black Box Underground. Which other labels might we see you on soon?

I already have two releases scheduled for 2023. One on Mason Collective’s WHIPPIN, and another on my friend Leon’s FUTURA.

Have you set yourself any goals or resolutions for the 2023 year? Either professional or personal?

Among my goals for 2023 is to get music out, work every day as I always have done, and slowly achieve results and make myself known more and more.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we finish up?

Nothing in particular. I prefer to materialize some projects first,  then “sponsor” them.