Inflyte Radar: Alt8

Irish club music has been on a tear in recent years, with names like Bicep, KETTAMA, Trance Wax, and Or:la gaining attention from the masses for their impressive productions and energetic DJ sets.

As you might expect with any wave of success, it inspires a new generation of talent, who after a few years of hard work are ready to stand alongside the very names they once looked up to.

One name amongst that next generation is Alt8, an Irish native who having already released on imprints like Kneaded Pains and Elements Records, now debuts on Rudosa’s Moments In Time with his brand new Hope In Darkness EP.

We welcome the exciting young talent to our Inflyte Radar this month, where we chat about his time in lockdown, what labels he hopes to one day release with, and who he rates most among Irish techno veterans. Get the full discussion with Alt8 below.

Hey Evan, you’re on our Inflyte Radar this month, tell our readers what you have been up to?

I’ve been back DJing again lately, with some shows across Europe that have been amazing, I missed it so much. I had some really good dates lined up in December but most of them have now been cancelled as Covid is closing Europe again. Despite that, I’m consistently in my studio working on numerous upcoming projects. I also have this new EP and a VA release in December alone, so I’m keeping busy.

You’ve released music on Elements Records, T-Minus Records, and Kneaded Pains so far, how have you found working with labels?

Great! Nothing but positive experiences so far, and I’ve built some good relationships in the process.

And is there a label you hope to release with in the future?

There’s definitely a few I have on my list. But top of the list would have to be the likes of Soma Records. Longest running techno label around, it’s just legendary.

Your next EP is set to arrive on Moments In Time on December 17th, talk us through the three originals on the release?

This EP was made in the peak of lockdown, so it seems a long time coming for me. During that time, I was really into working with synths and creating melodies. I think I missed the club experience needed to make that really slap bang in your face techno during that period.

And it also includes a remix from Rudosa, how did that hold up to your expectations?

I wasn’t surprised when he sent me it, banging! Mark always delivers.

You’re from Ireland, a country which despite its small size, has produced some big musical talents over the years, who are some of your biggest influences from the Emerald Isle?

Ireland has produced some amazing bands and singers down the years. More recently you’re beginning to see a massive influx of house & techno artists come through, but techno isn’t a part of Irish culture so most of my musical influences have come from elsewhere. The techno honchos of Ireland are Sunil Sharpe and Tommy Holohan for me. As a DJ you won’t see anyone better than Sunil on a set of turntables, wizard!

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

I have a string of exciting releases coming up after this one. All different but staying within the same bpm range. I’m very excited for next year already. Thanks for having me on.

Alt8 – Hope In Darkness EP is out December 17th on Moments In Time.