Inflyte Radar: Ammo Avenue

Ammo Avenue is not just one of the most exciting names to emerge from the Peruvian club scene in recent years, but South America as a whole. His music has previously seen him appear on some of house musics best underground labels, such as Superfett Records, Rawthentic, Lapsus Music, and Roush Label.

The latest sound to come from his Peru-based studio finds him collaborate with Italian producer Fabio Neural, as the pair team up for their brand new 2-track Mariposa EP, which recently landed on South Of Saturn.

We invite Ammo Avenue to our Inflyte Radar series, where we highlight club music’s next generation of top artistic talents. We got to talk about his project with Fabio, his thoughts on collaboration, what he has coming in the near future, and more.

You recently teamed up with Fabio Neural to release your new Mariposa EP on South Of Saturn, tell us about the two tracks on this one?

Yup yup! Really excited for this EP to see the light. We really fell in love with the tunes right after making them and I think they are quite unique. I believe they are a nice contrast of light & dark grooves.

And how did you connect with Fabio?

We started talking through social media and linked pretty well. We have a lot of stuff in common so I think the idea to make music together was pretty natural after some time.

How does your approach to a collaborative project differ to a solo one?

I’m always open to new ideas because I love getting to know other styles and production processes. That said, when it comes to studio sessions, I’d rather work alone.

Previously you’ve released music on Rawthentic, Deeperfect Records, and Roush Label, what do you typically look for in a label when considering releasing music with them?

I’ve got love the sound and the concept behind the label. It has to be a well run label across all areas.

And which other imprints might we see you on in the near future?

2022 is looking nice! I’m making my debut on all time favourites such as Circus Recordings and Repopulate Mars.

2021 was a hard year for the music industry, though 2022 seems slightly more hopeful, what’s something you’re positive about for the coming year?

We’ve all had it tough but I want to believe we can’t be like this much longer. It seems like we’re finally back on track and I’m positive about having a full traveling schedule this year and showcasing my stuff in many diifferent places.

What goals have you set yourself for 2022?

A couple of dream labels and new territories! I want to keep touring in South America and hopefully make my European debut this year. Also right after being scheduled for The BPM Festival, I’m looking forward to being included in more major festivals. I’m sure I’ll see you around!

Ammo Avenue & Fabio Neural – Mariposa EP is out now on South Of Saturn.