Inflyte Radar: Antss

The current pandemic hit the world like nothing we’ve since in decades, grinding life to a halt, and putting a stop to everything we consider normal, including clubbing.

Lockdown restrictions hit the music industry so hard that many clubs are now permanently shut, and many more are struggling to even keep up expenses, nevermind turn a profit.

Lack of access to the dancefloor has meant that a lot of music producers are struggling to be creative, though for London-based tech house producer Antss, it’s seemingly been the opposite.

He’s just dropped his 7th release since the beginning of the year, an output which seen him make appearances on labels like Solid Grooves, and more recently – Jamie Jones’ Hottrax.

We welcome him to this months Inflyte Radar, to chat about his recent Rocca EP, upcoming releases, which other labels he has his sights on, and more. Get the full discussion below.

You’re about to release your new Rocca EP on Jamie Jones’ Hottrax imprint, how would you describe the four tracks in your own words?

Hmmm, I would say peak time club tracks for me. There are a few bits that could catch you off guard then it kicks back in. I like surprises in tracks, and these have a few!

It’s your 7th release of the 2021 year, what has brought on the increase in productivity?

It was always my plan to start releasing more music from 2020/2021 to get my name out there a lot more. However, I will probably slow down on releases for 2022 because I don’t want to have a ridiculous amount of music out over a few years. You need to leave people wanting more.

And what else do you have planned for the coming months?

So I have a few more remixes to come out this year, plus another EP as well that hasn’t been announced yet, so I’ll keep who it’s dropping with quiet for now.

In the past, you’ve also released music on What NxT, Solid Grooves, and Dark Side Of The Sun. Are there any labels you really hope to release with in the future?

Ohh, I’d say Hot Creations, Cuttin’ Headz, and Eastenderz, maybe. They’d be cool.

And what’s your favourite label of all time?

Hot Creations! I’d say that label has inspired me the most just to make stuff that doesn’t sound like everybody else! You never know what to expect on that label. Refreshing.

You’re based in London, where things are gradually opening up as the vaccine continues to roll out. What’s the one thing you’re most looking forward to about returning to normal life this summer?

A fat sound system and the bass destroying my soul! Yes please, haha.

And are you more excited about getting behind the DJ booth, or getting on the dancefloor?

I’m very excited for both, but I’d say the booth more. There are some tracks I just can’t wait to play to people. I’m so gassed.

Lastly, before we go, what’s one new skill you picked up while in lockdown?

Yeah, so I learned to bake banana bread! Haha, nah I’m kidding. So I’d definitely say my musical knowledge and tracks that I would consider playing on a dance floor has evolved and for the better, and that’s due to the people I have been around etc. Is that a new skill? Kind of, I think.

Antss’ Rocca EP is out now on Hottrax.