Inflyte Radar: Baugruppe90

The latest musical talent to come across our Inflyte Radar arrives in the form of emerging German techno duo Baugruppe90.

The young Deutsche pair have so far only released music on Anja Schneider’s Sous Music, an imprint where she has also released music from the likes of Ejeca, Mella Dee, and Francesca Lombardo in the past.

More recently Baugruppe90 returned to Sous, this time for a remix of Anja’s own All I See original. We spoke to them about the new edit, what they have coming soon, how they’ve kept themselves busy during the pandemic, and more. Get the full discussion below.

You’re on our Inflyte Radar this month, tell our readers what you have been up to recently?

Thanks for having us! To keep it typically German, let’s talk about the weather for a moment. It’s freezing cold and the streets are full of snow, which means we’re spending even more time indoors being creative than usual. We’re trying new ways of working and discovering lots of awesome new music.

Additionally, our latest release just came out. It’s nice to finally have this remix for Anja’s ‘All I See’ released. We also felt that through the reactions and support. Other than that, we recently put out a DJ mix for Electronic Groove on SoundCloud. Have a listen!

As you mentioned, you just released a remix for Anja Schneider on her Sous Music imprint, it must be a massive boost for your confidence as producers to be asked to remix someone like Anja?

It is a great honor to remix such a strong original and it shows us that we are on the right path. At the same time the liability is highly motivating, because you don’t want to spoil such a huge original.

And almost all your music has come on Sous Music, how did you come to connect with Anja?

Our manager showed her our first EP and she immediately wanted to learn more and get to know us. Last summer we met her and her team at BlackHead Studios in Berlin and we felt comfortable from the start. When it was clear that we would release the ‘Kontur’ EP on her label, we met again, mastered the EP with Klas Lindblad and exchanged ideas.

Then we recorded a podcast with her and ended up in her living room playing Playstation with her son. Anyway, Anja is an incredibly warm-hearted and hard-working person. She has a special place in our hearts.

Will we see you release on any other labels in the near future?

Probably not until later this year. We’re currently working on getting our own distribution going so we can push out more tracks with less time between submission and actual release. Being able to release quickly and more spontaneously leads to a faster release cycle and is more fun for both ourselves and the listener. We really feel the urge to put out more stuff, so this is an important step for us!

It must be pretty frustrating to watch things come together for your career while clubs are shut, how have you been using the time in lockdown to make the most of the opportunities coming your way?

It actually isn’t as frustrating for us, as we may have first expected. We are optimistic and see it more as using this time to build our project and be prepared for a time where clubbing is possible again. Until then, we’ll use the time to keep innovating and reinventing ourselves. It’s also a good time to reach the ears of other artists and send music around because everyone is home.

And what goals have you guys set yourselves for the 2021 year?

Obviously, we want to release a lot of music this year. As we are sitting at home discovering more and more (especially older) music, we are having so many different ideas which we want to express as much as possible. Maybe there will be some collaborations with other artists from the scene! Who knows.

Can you give us your three biggest inspirations in techno?

Empty Ableton or Logic sessions (curse & blessing at the same time). Being able to reinterpret the early stages of techno in our very own way. Actively limiting yourself to only a few sounds.

And three producers who you think are set to do big things?

Fadi Mohem, Julien Andreas, KUSP.

Baugruppe90’s remix for Anja Schneider’s All I See is out now on Sous Music.