Inflyte Radar: Daniel Orpi

Since moving to London from his home city of Barcelona, Spanish house artist Daniel Orpi has released club-primed productions on labels like Kaluki and Saved.

Now debuting on Revival New York with his new Ibiza 1995 EP, Daniel finds himself on our Inflyte Radar as an undoubtable one to watch in the tech house scene.

We got to chat to him about the new release, how he compares Barcelona to London, which other labels he might be releasing with in 2021, and more. Get the full discussion below.

Hi Daniel, you’re on our Inflyte Radar this month, where we highlight an emerging artist that we think has the potential to do big things! How have you been?

Thank you for having me, guys! It’s all going very well at the moment. I have a lot of music coming out, plus some unreleased tracks too, and they’re all getting some great support from some big DJs.

Your new Ibiza 1995 EP recently arrived on Revival New York, talk us through the tracks in your own words?

The melody in ‘Ibiza 1995’ still gives me goosebumps. Once I got that sorted, I wrote and created the rest of the track within the same night with some help from my mate A21. ‘Taktik’ in my eyes is one of the best grooves I’ve ever produced as it really shows my own sound, and ‘Trigger’ rounds up the EP with that bassline that I love!

Is there a story behind the title? Did you go to Ibiza in ’95?

Haha, I wish! This track reminded me of the first time I was in Ibiza in 2016, having a drink at Café Mambo while watching the sunset or being at Space for Carl Cox’s Revolution. One day I was curious to see videos about how Ibiza was back in the day, and luckily, I found a video from Space Ibiza from 1995. I tried putting the song in the background, and instantly I knew that was the name for it.

In the past you’ve also released on labels like Saved and Kaluki, what kind of things do you look for in a potential label partnership?

I like to treat every release with love, because I put a lot of passion into every track that I make. It’s important that the record label has a marketing plan for the release, even though I like to take the initiative and work together with the team. It must also have a good roster of artists I feel identified with and a good background that gives me the confidence of getting good results.

And which other labels might we expect to see you on in 2021?

I’ve got a release coming out this month on Foliee Records for their label launch, which will include a very special video clip. I’ve also got another single coming out on CUFF next month, plus a few more that I can’t reveal yet.

You’re from Barcelona but now live in London, what are some of the biggest differences you’ve noticed between the two cities’ club scenes?

I think moving here has been crucial for me. London is one of, if not the capital of the club scene in the world. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had the chance to network a lot and find many more opportunities. You can find amazing clubs like Elrow or Input in Barcelona, but it’s not as common to see big brands throwing an event as regularly as it is in London.

And it’s of course been a while since any of us were on the dancefloor, how have you been staying busy while clubs are off limits?

To be honest, there’s always a bright side, and I’m definitely grateful for it because I learned so many things. As an artist, I had the chance to make the best music I’ve ever produced, sitting on more than 100 tracks in less than a year. I’ve also learned more ways to grow my brand as a DJ by offering something else to my audience, like the animated video clips you can watch with my releases. On a personal side, I have dedicated time to read and study myself, and I can definitely say that I feel much more at peace and much better with my mental health.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Practice makes perfect!

Daniel Orpi’s Ibiza 1995 EP is out now on Revival New York.