Inflyte Radar: Inamo

This month’s edition of our Inflyte Radar series shines some light on the impressive work of emerging DJ & producer Inamo.

The New York-based artist has previously seen his music release with imprints such as Earthly Delights, Meandisco, and trueColors.

Returning to the latter mentioned label for his next outing, he will release his new 4-track La Llama EP, which features four different versions of the same track.

We asked him about how to EP came together, how he considers working with a label, what he has coming soon, and more. Get the full discussion with Inamo below.

You’re on our Inflyte Radar this week, where we highlight a promising up & coming talent who’s doing cool things. How is life out in New York right now?

Thank you. For certain, things are a lot quieter for me, and I think there’s a lot of positive things that comes with that. More and more, I hear things are starting to happen in New York, but I have found comfort in staying away from hectic late-night partying, as that gives me more time for music.

Your new ‘La Llama’ EP is about to drop on trueColors, talk us through the original mix?

The final version underwent quite a few tweaks and transformations. After I was happy with all the elements in the track, I let it sit for a bit, and after a while revisited it with a fresh perspective. Through doing that I ended up changing the arrangement in a way that made the track more interesting and bold, and that’s when it finally sounded complete.

And it also features three other versions of the title track, what’s the reason behind including those?

Well, there is actually an interesting story behind the mixes. Originally, I’d sent a draft version to Spanish vocalist Niña Indigo, so she could record some lyrics. When she recorded something, and sent it to me, I then got inspired to write something completely different, as I wanted something that was a perfect fit for her sublime vocals.

That’s how I ended up with two tracks and a dub mix, which I believe is always a good idea, as vocals are always very personal. For everyone who loves a vocal, there is often someone else who feels the opposite, and that’s why I felt a dub was also necessary.

Previously your music has come via labels like Earthly Delights and Meandisco, what do you typically look for in a potential label partnership?

If a label can create a personal relationship with the artist that’s a very good thing, a lot of labels these days don’t seem to offer that, but signing music should always be a partnership. Responsiveness and consistency are a great thing to have in any relationship, and those are qualities I always look for in record labels.

‘La Llama’ will be your 6th appearance on trueColors, how has your relationship been developing with those guys?

Well, I actually help manage trueColors, so it’s become a perfect platform for me to release on, as I’ve got such a good relationship with the rest of the team. I’ve been honoured to work on the label from its launch and after I started spending more time in our studio, I got the opportunity to contribute musically.

And which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

I’m trying to be very careful, and not spread myself too thin. Prioritising trueColors is always going to be important, but there are other labels I admire. This summer I have a track coming on Armen Miran’s Hoomidaas Records that’s based in LA. There are other releases scheduled on Earthly Delights, and I will always continue to contribute tracks to our trueColors label.

What bits of gear are you using most in the studio at the moment?

My favourites have been the Nord Lead 4 synthesiser, anything from the Juno synth range, Sylenth is a soft synth that I use. I love the BigSky reverb, and the Thermionic Culture Vulture distortion / enhancer, I use it for processing on nearly everything.

And one production tip you think everyone needs to hear?

Personally, I think it helps to pay close attention to the arrangement, and try not to repeat a formula. Picturing what part of a DJ set you could play what you’re making can help a great deal, as it helps keep your creativity focused on an end goal.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Thanks for having me! I’m humbled to be on the radar feature, especially because I’ve been using Inflyte for years to promote trueColors within our personal contacts. You guys rock, and it’s an honour to be talking with you.

Inamo – La Llama EP is out soon on trueColors.