Inflyte Radar: Luke Andy

A strong run of past releases for labels such as Desert Hearts, Basement Leak, and Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird have made Luke Andy a promising name on the American tech house scene.

The Los Angeles-based producer recently made his debut with There Is A Light, thanks to an impressive remix for The Reactivitz’ ‘Todo En La Vida’ original.

We welcome him to our Inflyte Radar series this week to talk about how he approached the project in the studio, what else we can expect to hear from him soon, and how his families diverse origins influenced him as an artist. Get the full discussion with Luke Andy below.

Hi Luke, how are things over in Los Angeles for you at the moment?

Everything has been great! I recently moved and am finally settled in and have been able to work in my studio, so it has been a blessing.

You recently dropped a new remix for The Reactivitiz – ‘Todo En La Vida’ on There Is A Light, how did you approach the project when you first received the stems?

When I first listened to the original track, I remember loving the chord progression and thinking about doing a chop and when I carried it over into Ableton it ended up sounding really cool. I kept on with wherever my brain was telling me to go and ended up with a remix that I am proud of and has been fun to drop in my recent sets.

Do you feel any extra pressure when working on a remix vs. an original project?

Nope, I approach every track pretty similarly. Start with an idea and let it flow from the initial groove. If anything, with remixes, part of the work is done for you depending on how you want to approach it.

Your family has roots in both Nigeria and Korea, and you’re based out in Los Angeles, that’s quite a melting pot of different influences, do you think that’s had an impact on your sound as a producer?

I definitely think it’s been the biggest impact for me. I was born and raised in Maryland and at the time there was a lot of gospel from my parents, but each of them had their own sonic vices in their personal time. My dad loved artists like Luther vandross, Sade, and in times of study loved smooth jazz.

My mother was obsessed with Elvis haha. I think being around that growing up really helped me later on in my productions. only being able to listen to parent approved music led me to wanting to stray towards the rebellious rap when I was able to get my hands on my first iPod.

Your music has previously come via labels such as Dirtybird, Desert Hearts, and Basement Leak, where else might we see you release in the coming months?

I have a release with DJ Glen coming later this year on Walker & Royce’s label, Rules Don’t Apply.

And is there any one label you would love to work with at some point down the road?

Relief Records.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to plug before we go?

Thank you for having me and I hope everyone reading this has an amazing day!

The Reactivitz – Todo En La Vida (Luke Andy Remix) is out now on There Is A Light.