Inflyte Radar: Menachem26

The latest emerging talent to come across our Inflyte Radar is highly promising Istanbul-based DJ & producer Menachem26.

His past releases have seen him make appearances on record labels like Camel Riders, Bar 25 Music, and trndmsk, as well as a compilation feature on The Gardens Of Babylon.

The Turkish artist makes a return to the latter-mentioned Amsterdam-based imprint next month, for the release of his new ‘Kumpaki Blues’ EP.

We had a brief chat with him recently, where we got to ask about the forthcoming release, his approach to working with labels, and who inspires him when making music. Get the full discussion with Menachem26 below.

Hi mate, you’re on our Inflyte Radar this month, tell our readers what you have been up to so far in September?

Hey there, thanks for the opportunity! I was touring and had gigs in Munich, Tel Aviv, Budapest, and Eilat. It’s been quite a chill month compared to the mess I was in. Now back in Istanbul and super motivated to make new tracks.

You’re about to return to The Gardens Of Babylon for the first time since you featured on their ‘The Monastery’ compilation back in 2020, are you excited to release your own EP with the label?

Definitely! The original track ‘Kumkapi Blues’ was great on the compilation that was released, so we decided to expand it into an EP.

How would you describe the tracks on this one?

An oriental organic track with traditional middle eastern essence blended with groovy indie dance vibes.

In the past you have also released music on Camel Riders, Bar 25 Music, and trndmsk, what kind of things do you look for in a potential label partnership?

The history of the label is very important to me. Which artists they worked with, the sound. It is what makes a label interesting. But also artwork and marketing plans are important. Friendship is also an important detail, Feeling connected to a label really makes you more motivated to produce tracks for them.

And which labels might we see you on in the near future?

Of course there are some labels that I want to be on. But my job as an event manager has kept me very busy over the past few months. Though I am ready to go to the studio and I’m super excited about it.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received as an artist?

“Keep it simple.”

And who would you say is your biggest inspiration in music?

That’s a very difficult question to be honest. I always get confused with these sorts of questions. In the context of this project I would say Coss and his track ‘Masala’ was the most influential track for me to start making the sound I have now.

Thanks a lot for answering our questions, is there anything else you want to plug before we go?

Many thanks for this opportunity. Stay with love and peace. L’chaim!

Menachem26 – Kumpaki Blues EP is out October 7th on The Gardens Of Babylon.