Inflyte Radar: Sumluv

Barcelona-based production pair Sumluv recently made their return to Faneca, this time for the release of their new 3-track “Overthink EP”.

The release combines the duo’s original title track with some excellent remix work, as Otik and Lawrence Hart both contribute to the player with an edit each.

Besides Faneca, Sumluv have also put music out with labels like Beautiful Accident, and are well on their way to establishing themselves as an essential component for the next wave of Spanish house artists.

We spoke to them recently to chat about their new sonic offering, how they find the experience of working with Faneca, and which other labels we might see them on in the future. Get the full discussion, and listen to “Overthink” below.

Hi guys, we hope you’re well. Tell our readers what you have been up to recently?

Hi! We’re good! We’re happy to finally see that “Overthink” is out, and hope that people are enjoying it. Now we’re focused on our next project, which is the idea of making an LP.

On the topic of your new Overthink EP, which is out on Faneca Music, what’s the inspiration behind the original track here?

This track came a few months after our last “Balance EP”, since we released it we’ve been listening to a lot of new music and for us, it’s like a continuation of the saga, but with new inspiration. Also, we brought a couple of new synthesizers to our studio, and it’s the result of playing with them. It’s all about synthesizers, always.

And it includes remixes from both Otik and Lawrence Hart, what was your initial reaction when those first came back?

We were stunned, both came with different results and that was what we were looking for. Lawrence brings some clubby mood to the track, that bass and the 909 hi-hats are killer. Otik on the other hand gave it a more downtempo kind of vibe, and we love it.

This is your second release on Faneca, following your Balance EP that you mentioned, how is your relationship developing with those guys?

Faneca is such a great supporter of us, since the beginning we understood each other, and we know that we have full freedom to make our own decisions with the music, s/o to Hadrian (Founder of Faneca) for helping us!

And which other labels might we expect to see you on in the near future?

We don’t know yet, we love a lot of labels but hope that one day we can release something with Ninja Tune or Ghostly, those are our favourites.

You’re both from Spain, and now live in Barcelona, was the move a career focused one?

Yes, definitely, we came from a small city, and we moved to take our music career more seriously.

What’s your favourite Barcelona club to play?

One of our best experiences was on the Garage442, people are close to the booth, and you can feel the energy. But also, we would love to play in Razzmatazz or Apolo, it has to be nice to play there!

You have been known to play live shows, what’s some of the main hardware you use in that setup?

This must be a secret haha. We mainly use the Moog Little Phatty, Korg Minilogue, Akai MPC 1000 and our audio interface, the RME UC.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Thank you for having us, it was such a pleasure to be here!

Sumluv – Overthink EP is out now on Faneca.