It can take an endless amount of time for DJs to scour their inbox and find promos worthy of the dancefloor, and even after you have listened through and filtered out the clutter, you still need to download the files, arrange them into folders, double check your meta data and transfer everything manually to a USB stick. At least until now.

Inflyte and Pioneer DJ are dominant forces in their respective fields, and since launching in 2014, Inflyte have developed a customer base of thousands, delivering promos on behalf of some of the music industry’s leading labels, to international tastemakers worldwide.

For the first time ever, a pre-release promo platform will partner with rekordbox to offer users a seamless, in-app integration that will not only save countless hours per week, month and year, but make things noticeably easier to manage, meaning you can focus more of your energy on other areas of your career, with zero shortfall in productivity.

Inflyte will now appear as a new music source inside the new rekordbox 6.0. Inflyte users will now be able to download their favourite promos directly within the rekordbox application, with all promo meta data automatically included, as well as your Inflyte star rating, your favourite track and your feedback. Any users currently taking advantage of Inflyte’s Dropbox integration will also benefit from auto-sync between Dropbox and rekordbox.

Inflyte Co-Founder and CEO Paul Hamill: “Inflyte’s collaboration with the market leader in DJ hardware and software, is one of the most significant advancements in pre-release promo delivery in recent years, that uniquely positions Inflyte and our clients deep in the heart of the Pioneer DJ rekordbox ecosystem. We are hugely excited that our clients are now a couple of clicks short of getting their promos directly on to DJs USB sticks and this presents a massive opportunity for the labels and PR agencies using our service as well as providing an unrivalled seamless workflow for our users.”

Key Features:

  • Preview and sync tracks from your Inflyte Promo Locker inside rekordbox
  • Feedback submitted on Inflyte appears in the comments field in rekordbox
  • The star rating left on Inflyte appears in rekordbox
  • Favourited tracks clearly marked with a heart icon in rekordbox
  • Optional Dropbox sync auto-syncs to rekordbox
  • Tracks are auto-analysed ready for use
  • Choose from multiple formats including WAV, AIFF And MP3
  • Rich meta-data transfer from Inflyte to rekordbox

Learn how to connect your Inflyte account to rekordbox 6.0 here.

Download Pioneer DJ rekordbox 6.0 here.