Interview: Alexandro G

Emerging Mexican DJ and producer Alexandro G continues his promising run of form with the recent release of his new tech-house single, Saturn.

The club-primed production comes in collaboration with Argentina’s Bastien Groove, who Alexandro has worked with extensively up to now.

Releasing the single on Paranoia Music, the Mexican native adds to a catalogue which has already seen him make appearances on record labels such as Little Helpers, Natura Viva, and Bunny Tiger.

We caught up with him to chat about the new track, what he might have coming in the near future, and the impending launch of his own new imprint. Get the full discussion with Alexandro G below.

Hi Alexandro, we hope you’re good! How is life down the Mexico right now?

How about all the Inflyte family, a pleasure to be with you and to be able to give this little interview and well, life in Mexico as I see it after the pandemic is hard for everyone in general, as a musician the scene stopped in the country leaving me with no gigs for more than 2 years.

The electronic scene in Mexico is finding its rhythm with its local clubs and festivals and without omitting that a percentage of Mexicans are going through many difficulties in their professional and personal environments, of course this is all a product of the pandemic and in my personal case I find myself playing again on weekends, working constantly to return to my weekly schedule to which I was accustomed.

You just released your new single ‘Saturn’ in collaboration with Bastien Groove, talk us through the track in your own words?

Saturn is a track full of lots of energy as it’s produced with deep techno sounds and sounds in the countertempo of the track with metallic instruments, hats, shakers, and snares, it’s a track focused on the night, thanks to the type of breaks and atmosphere that it presents, it makes us enter a very deep trance and to feel the drop where the accumulation of sounds results in a tech house-style track.

You’ve worked with Bastien quite a bit now, how did you initially meet him and how has your relationship developed?

Bastien Groove is an Argentine colleague and I consider him a member of my family, he’s like a brother and he has been a guide for me and for my career, I met him in 2015 when I was invited to release my ‘Scratching Surf’ EP on his label, Run Records.

Over the years the friendship with Bastian was reinforced by not only dealing with musical issues but also personal ones due to the great advice and innumerable support I’ve received from him, that forged this great friendship and boosted our careers together, producing collaborations that gave us very unique sound that managed to be on big labels like Little Helpers and Natura Viva.

The track comes on Paranoia Music, how did you come to sign it with them?

Well, one day we received an invitation from the Paranoia team and after a few months of planning and talks, the track was presented, which they liked a lot, it was played out to see its reception from the public to see if it could work and that’s it, it worked wonderfully and the public liked it, they accepted it and ‘Saturn’ was released on Paranoia.

And you have also released music on Little Helpers, Bunny Tiger, and Natura Viva, where else might we see you release music in the near future?

My new single ‘Cazadora’ is coming out soon on Happy Techno, it’s a tech house track with urban vocals, it’s a track I worked on with Bastien and part of the vocals on it are from three local friends of the urban genre called Arturo Quiroz, TJ, and Royei. After many different versions, we finally got a very euphoric track in the Happy Techno style which can be heard in October 2022, when it is scheduled to be released.

Is there a label you hope to work with one day?

Of course, in the future I would like to release on Jamie Jone’s Hot Creations, it is a goal that I have established for myself in the short term.

You have a new label of your own launching soon, what can we expect from that going forward?

This month my new Deepleasure imprint is launching, it’s a label which is focused on tech house and its purpose is to be home to emerging talent that seeks to be heard and published, our calendar is scheduled for four releases per month that will be pushed on radio shows and promoted by our list of selected artists, in addition to holding 2  live showcases per year in local clubs, featuring the artists on the label to further promote their career.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

To remind you to listen to my 56Edition radio show every Monday from 3pm on Mixcloud and all digital platforms where the newest house, minimal, and tech house music plays.

Alexandro G & Bastien Groove – Saturn is out now on Paranoia Music.