Interview: Arnaud Le Texier

French-born, now London-based, DJ, producer, and label owner Arnaud Le Texier has been hustling his way through the world of underground techno for more than two decades.

His tracks have seen him release music with esteemed imprints such as Slam’s Soma Records, Sven Vath’s Cocoon Recordings, and Ben Sims’ Symbolism, among many others.

The Children Of Tomorrow boss added yet another reputable name to his catalogue last month, with the release of his 4-track ‘Equinox’ EP, which alongside three originals also features an excellent remix from Jay Clarke.

We had a chat with Arnaud to talk about the new release, which other labels we might see him on soon, and what he thinks of the London club scene. Get the full discussion with Arnaud Le Texier below.

Hey Arnaud, we hope things are going well for you at the moment, what have you been up to this week so far?

This week has been a very busy one for me, with many projects to finish off for various deadlines. It’s been quite a lot of work to handle after a two week holiday in Mexico. The days are too short for me!

You released your Equinox EP on DEAD CERT. Records last month, tell us about the three original tracks on this one?

These tracks were made before covid shut everything down, and we’ve had to be very patient with this release due to the huge manufacturing delays with vinyl that have been encountered around the world. They are very hypnotic, deep, and dark compared to the techno that I’ve been doing lately, which is more energetic I would say.

And it also includes a remix from Jay Clarke, how did you react to hearing his version for the first time?

I was really happy we got Jay to remix the title track ‘Equinox’ because he delivered exactly what was needed to add another element to the release by creating something totally aligned with the dancefloor. It’s a really strong rework, with a huge groove and an industrial toughness that raises the intensity with some relentless raw power and style.

We’ve seen you release on Soma, Cocoon, and Symbolism in the past, which other labels might we see you on soon?

There are so many projects planned for this year, but many are simply not finished yet. There will be a new EP from me on my own Children of Tomorrow label, with a remix from the superb Steve Parker in Portugal. I have also just confirmed an EP for the excellent Edit Select in Scotland, and a contribution to a forthcoming VA on Joachim Spieth’s Affin, to help them celebrate 15 years.

You’re from France, but now live in London, how have you found the club scene in the UK?

When I arrived in 2005, London was wonderful and amazing with a lot of clubs and warehouses holding events. But since then, many clubs or venues have unfortunately closed down. There are some new ones that have opened in the past few years, so we can feel things slowly coming back and being rejuvenated. What I can really appreciate here is the variety of parties and styles of music, which is kind of unique and exciting.

What’s your favourite British club to play?

For sure fabric is the one that I hold dearest, having played there many times and in all the rooms, it’s such a fantastic and memorable experience, but when you throw in the quality of their soundsystem too, it becomes even more impressive.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you’d like to plug before we go?

Thanks for the chat today, I’m pleased to introduce my forthcoming projects and latest vinyl only for DEAD CERT. Records and I hope everyone continues to enjoy my music and the support is greatly appreciated. Many thanks, and please stay safe out there.

Arnaud Le Texier – Equinox EP is out now on DEAD CERT. Records.