Interview: Because Of Art

Another promising talent to join the incredibly impressive wave of emerging British artists comes in the form of house music producer Because Of Art.

The London-based musician has previously seen success with releases on labels like Nothing Else Matters, Gruuv, Of Unsound Mind, and Stress Records, and he recently debuted on Anja Schneider’s Berlin-based Sous Music.

We spoke to him to ask about his new Ethereal single on Sous, which other labels we might expect to see him on soon, how the easing of lockdown restrictions has had a positive impact on his career, and more. Get the full discussion with Because Of Art below.

You just released your new Ethereal single on Anja Schneider’s Sous Music, talk us through the production on this one?

It all started with the drums. I wanted to make something percussion led that was snappy, punchy, and which had a fast pace to it. I generally start all my tracks with drums.

I recently got the MS101 synth, which is a clone of the classic SH101. I was experimenting with that to come up with the lead and everything else fell into place around those two elements.

And how did it come be on Anja’s label?

Anja supported one of my tracks ‘Higher’ heavily in her live streams earlier in the year, I loved seeing her reaction to the record. We were chatting and she mentioned that she would love a record from me for Sous, which was perfect as I had recently finished Ethereal. I sent it over and she loved it!

You’ve also released music on Nothing Else Matters, Of Unsound Mind, and a few other great labels, what is your typical process when you want to reach out to a label for a potential partnership?

I generally don’t make music targeted at any particular label. I just see how the records I write turn out. I then sit down with my manager Matt to work out where we can send them, which has been quite successful so far!

Which other labels can we expect to see your music on soon?

I’ve got a follow-up EP with Of Unsound Mind, a collaboration coming on Stress Records, and we’ve just signed an EP to Pets Recordings which I’m really excited about!

You’re based in London, where things are getting somewhat back to normal, do you think the easing of restrictions has had any effect on the way you make music?

100%, with the ease of restrictions and return to clubbing I’m back to making more club ready tracks.

We saw you just played Motion Bristol’s Halloween party last weekend, you must be pretty hyped about that after being out of clubs for so long?

The gig was an incredible moment for me, considering my last gig before covid was in that same room for the Cocoon show. This halloween party was unbelievable, I played the last set 3:30 – 5:00 and the energy was super high right until the end. Shouts to all of the DJ’s and the team at Motion for an amazing event.

And what can anyone coming to see you play expect from your sets?

My sets generally have lots of high energy and some nice euphoric moments but where I take it completely depends on the crowd and the energy in the room at the time.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you’d like to mention before we go?

Just for your readers to check out my track Ethereal on Sous, whichever way they like to consume music, and I hope to see some new faces down at some gigs soon!

Because Of Art – Ethereal is out now on Sous Music.