Interview: Clif Jack

Padova-based DJ and producer Clif Jack continues to develop his already impressive catalogue of music as next month finds him debut on Veerus’ own Le Club imprint with two new originals.

The Italian artist has already put music out with labels like Solamente and Kuukou Records, and the coming EP release will be a major boost for his place amongst Italy’s techno standings.

We recently got the chance to ask him a couple of questions, including what we might expect to hear from the new tracks, which other labels he’s currently talking to, and who he rates most amongst Padova’s long list of emerging talents. Get the full discussion with Clif Jack below.

Hey, how are you finding life in Padova, Italy right now?

I am a positive person and I always try to see the best, even in difficult situations. There is an air of difficulty and uncertainty in my city at the moment, especially for the coming winter, due to a combination of global factors. I am confident that it will still be a great winter season for nightlife and I hope so for my city in general.

Your next release arrives in the form of your ‘Echoes of Tomorrow / Should Do It’ EP, how would you describe the two originals on this one?

These two tracks are very important to me, because I worked on them a lot, especially in the two years that we were blocked by the pandemic, this allowed me to take my time and make the sounds deeper. The important thing for me with these tracks is the recognisability, I think they are two quality productions that stand out in the current market.

‘Echoes of Tomorrow’ is the EP’s title track, and utilises dystopian pads that build suspense and create tension as it unfolds. The breakdown holds an eerie tension before the track shifts up a gear with the introduction of fluttering synths when the percussion slams back in.

‘I Should Do It’ opens with a pulsating bassline and trippy vocal, which are underpinned by a pounding kick drum. The fast-flowing rhythms and industrial textures deliver an explosive energy that’s perfect for the dance floor.

It comes on Veerus’ Le Club imprint, how did you come to sign the tracks with those guys?

Veerus is an Italian artist who lives in the Treviso area, 50km from my city. He is a Drumcode artist who I knew musically but not personally and my PR agency in London put us in touch. He was very kind and listened and liked the tracks straight away.

The funny thing is that on the same day that I signed the release without arranging it, we met at a gig where we had both gone to listen to Sven Väth, so we had a chance to talk and compare notes. Veerus is very prepared and a technical artist, so I’m happy that someone with his preparation complimented me on my music.

You’ve previously released music on labels like Solamente and Kuukou Records as well, what do you look for in a label when considering them for a release?

Usually everything starts from being inspired by hearing a sound or a voice, sometimes you wake up well and in the morning, everything flows. Sometimes it’s impossible to even make a single beat. I have a studio near my house that allows me to isolate myself and create drafts that are based on the idea that comes out, I later develop  it and once it’s finished, I analyse what label it might be of interest to.

And which other labels might we see you on soon?

I have been working hard for months to complete several EPs. I recently presented two projects for 2023 to two artists that I care a lot about and I was lucky enough to meet them personally on my journey, one is Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou Records, the other is Nicole Moudaber’s Mood Records and I am confident that you might hear them soon.

Who are some Padova-based artists that you think we should definitely be checking out?

This is a question I’m very happy to answer because I believe that people often look too far outside their own homes, but there are several artists in my city and neighbouring cities who were born or lived there who are really making great records and I wish them all the best.

As far as my genre of techno is concerned, a few are Nico Cabeza, Mattia Saviolo, Luca Morris, Devid Dega, Stomp Boxx, and Alex Lentini. In the house world, Plaster Hands, Tommy Vee, Albert Marzinotto, and Weero. I am happy to be surrounded by so many good artists.

What’s one non-music related thing everyone visiting Padova should try?

Padua is a wonderful city and it really has a lot of important things to discover and explore. If I have to choose one in kind, not so much because it is the most important, but simply because I love going there to relax, it is the Botanical Gardens of Padua, founded in 1545, the oldest botanical garden in the world. It is a wonderful place that I always recommend to those who visit me.

Anything else you would like to talk about before we wrap things up?

I am looking forward to my coming gigs, the next one will be at Extra Extra in Padua on October 22nd with Brina Knauss and Andy J. After that I am super excited for November 10th, when I will be at the Musica Club in New York with Ilario Alicante and Desna.

Clif Jack – Echoes of Tomorrow / Should Do It EP is out November 11th on Le Club.