Interview: Friedrich Raphael & Sense Of Sun

Two Berlin-based up & coming house talents collaborate once again as Friedrich Raphael and Sense Of Sun join forces on their brand new ‘Framework’ EP.

Coming via Petra Digital Recordings, the EP differs from your typical collaborative format, as instead of combining their skills on the same tracks, they each bring two solo productions to the release.

Between them they have previously signed music to theBasement Disco, Palms & Flamingos, and Bar 25 Music, and this is their second time together on Petra Digital Recordings.

We spoke to them both to ask them about the new tracks, why the opt-ed for a joint release, and what they think about living in a city like Berlin. Get the full discussion below.

Hello to you both! I hope you’re enjoying the current heatwave in Berlin right now?

Friedrich Raphael: Yes. It’s the perfect weather to spend time outside. So many lakes in Berlin like Teufelssee, Schlachtensee, Krumme Lanke, and it’s summertime in Berlin.

Sense of Sun: Totally! I love to have an evening walk with my dog when it is still sunny and bright outside. I am trying to teach him how to swim this summer.

You just released your new Framework EP on Petra Digital Recordings, how would you describe the sound on this one?

Friedrich Raphael: I would say ‘Future Fabric’ is a warm, organic lofi-house track inspired by the past. I was listening to and playing lots of lofi-house in my beginnings. The vocals are sampled from an MTV interview. ’Concrete Cylinder’ is a fast peak-time house number. Clean & minimal in its structure. It’s a track I’m associating with fans. A windy sound on the dancefloor, if you’re sweating, this track will dry you.

Sense of Sun: The drum pattern and rhythms on ‘Many Doors’ and ‘Ran Park’ are inspired by a UK garage sound. I wanted to bridge deep house and microhouse into it, working with classic instruments, chord progressions, and vocal cuts.

It’s quite unique in the sense that it includes two solo tracks from each of you, why not just split it into two individual EP’s?

Friedrich Raphael: Sunny (Sense of Sun) and I have been working together since 2018. He has been doing my mixdowns since then and also remixed my track ‘Vitra’ on the last Petra Vinyl 030 release. In early 2020 we thought why not? He has two tracks, I have two tracks. Being on opposite sides of one vinyl is a perfect match.

Sense of Sun: Yeah, I found the idea of teaming up and releasing it together really nice. I think that way we can focus on two tracks that we want to release, instead of thinking about the full EP concept.

And will we be seeing any remixes of the tracks in the coming months?

Nothing is planned for now. Let’s see.

What’s one label you would love to work with at some point in your career?

Friedrich Raphael: There are so many, for me right now: Permanent Vacation, Public Possession, and Slow Motion.

Sense of Sun: I don’t know. I used to produce to fit the labels sound. but I would love to release more stuff by myself.

Besides the club scene, what’s your favourite thing about living in Berlin?

Friedrich Raphael: I am born and raised here in Berlin. The most beautiful thing about the city is Berlin never ends. Berlin is a playground for all ages. Young and old, it’s for everyone. It’s open-minded. And there are so many different cultures united here and this city is a kind of a magnet for people. Berlin is attractive. If you don’t know where to go, come to Berlin.

Sense of Sun: Food, art, and the people. I like the humor of the Berlin people. Ironic and craggy. A lot of people smile on the street (maybe from the after-party).

Friedrich Raphael & Sense Of Sun – Framework EP is out now on Petra Digital Recordings.